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2014 Planting Report Wrap-Up: Much is Planted, Now for a Normal Growing Season

Case IH crop production specialists have shared that Case IH equipment helped many producers make the best of adverse weather conditions during the 2014 planting season.

Mother Nature didn’t make it too easy to get seed in the ground in many parts this spring. However, the pace picked up rapidly once she gave a window of opportunity. Along the way, Case IH crop production specialists have shared planting reports, including how Case IH equipment is helping producers make the most out of adverse conditions and provide a better environment for germination.

The Agronomic Design of the Early Riser® planter and Precision Disk™, particularly seed placement in the trench and being able to cover more acres, faster, was frequently mentioned.

Vertical tillage also has played a critical role in this year’s planting season. Many farmers have used the technique to prepare their fields for planting, with the Case IH True-Tandem™ 330 Turbo leading the way.

Below are links to all of this year’s Planting Reports from Case IH crop production specialists. Now the hope is for a “normal” growing season. Keep us posted on how the crops look in your area!



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