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AFS RTK+ Eliminates Barriers to Sub-inch Accuracy

Network stations at participating dealerships create seamless cellular coverage. When connected to the network, Case IH AFS RTK+ provides sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

When you rely on pinpoint accuracy across your fields, you can’t have your surroundings getting in the way That’s why we’re working hard to expand coverage for our Case IH Advanced Farming Systems RTK+ cellular-based correction — so you don’t have to settle for anything less than sub-inch accuracy.

AFS RTK+ is available via subscription through participating Case IH dealers. With it, you can achieve sub-inch repeatable accuracy anywhere within the dealer-supported network, which is located throughout the United States and Canada and you can have the system up and running in time for all your fall fieldwork.

By expanding the reach of existing service signals, AFS RTK+:

  • Alleviates line-of-sight issues, including hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures
  • Provides consistent accuracy at any distance within the network
  • Delivers seamless connectivity and year-over-year repeatable sub-inch accuracy
  • No more switching radio channels as you move to different fields

These features mean greater field efficiency and the reduction of application overlaps and skips — even in the narrowest rows. AFS RTK+ is ideal for farming practices that require the highest level of precision, such as strip till or bedding. Best of all, it is delivered via a secure Case IH network capable of supporting your entire fleet.

AFS RTK+ is easy to use

AFS RTK+ uses cellular connectivity, improving the reliability of the signal in tough terrain. The year-over-year repeatable sub-inch accuracy can be obtained anywhere within the network without the distance limitations seen with traditional RTK. And with convergence that is typically less than 1 minute, you can get to work quickly, improving your productivity. All you need to get started is an RTK+ compatible GNSS receiver and connectivity to the network, including a cellular connection and subscription — available from your Case IH dealer.

Is your AFS equipment field-ready?

As you prepare for harvest, fall tillage and fertilizer applications, here are a few tips to ensure you’re ready to capture all the valuable data you desire:

  • Update your display with the latest software so you can put new enhancements and features to work on your farm.
  • Take advantage of training opportunities. Sign up for the AFS Academy where you can access and explore the training catalog, watch tutorials and videos, enroll in complete web-based courses, download informational documents, and guides, and more.
  • Plan ahead. Contact your Case IH dealer to schedule a service call well ahead of the date you expect to be in the field.

Whether you’re new to precision farming or an experienced pro, Case IH AFS Certified Dealers have a trained AFS sales specialist on staff to help you optimize your farm. Talk to your dealer about how our latest advancements make it easier than ever to bring the benefits of precision technology to your operation.


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