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Agronomic Design Insights: Prepare Now for Higher Yields Next Season

Our Agronomic Design Insights video series is back with a focus on fall tillage. In this installment, Dr. Rob Zemenchik, Case IH Crop Production Marketing Manager, talks about what challenges producers face following harvest, and how the Case IH Agronomic Design principles of the new Ecolo-Tiger® 875 can help tackle fall primary tillage in preparation for next year’s crop.

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Producers often face three challenges following harvest: crop residue management, eliminating compaction to improve internal drainage and water holding capacity, and leveling soil so plants can emerge uniformly in the spring. That’s why the Ecolo-Tiger 875 comes equipped with important features to tackle each of these challenges.

New Ecolo-Tiger 875 offers enhanced agronomics and more durability.

New Ecolo-Tiger 875 offers enhanced agronomics and more durability.

Earth Metal blades – 26-inch blades are simultaneously formed and quenched for exceptional endurance. Compared to conventional blades, Earth Metal blades are 30 percent stronger and last up to 20 percent longer.

Tiger points – The new Tiger point design delivers up to 350 percent more durability than previous designs while maintaining the lift-twist-roll soil action the Ecolo-Tiger is known for. This action creates a V breakout in the soil with course fractures that will allow for excellent soil tilth.

Double-edge rolling reel – The rolling reel rolls across the soil and sizes clods, tucks residue and fills in holes to create a smooth seedbed.

The Earth Metal blades, Tiger points and double-edge rolling reel are just a few of the Agronomic Design features of the Ecolo-Tiger 875 that help with fall crop production management.

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