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AIM AccuPlacer Lets You Side Dress With Your Sprayer

The new Case IH AIM AccuPlacer lets you quickly and easily convert your existing spray equipment for side-dress fertilizer applications.

Managing nutrients — especially nitrogen — is among crop production’s hottest topics. From the right nutrient source to the optimal timing to the proper placement, the new Case IH AIM AccuPlacer can help you be more efficient and effective in your fertilizer applications. Give this Ag PhD Radio segment a listen, as Dick Fleissner, Case IH Segment Marketing Manager – Parts & Service, discusses AIM AccuPlacer.

Click here to listen to Dick on Ag PhD Radio, and keep reading to learn more about AIM AccuPlacer.

AIM AccuPlacer lets you quickly and easily convert your self-propelled sprayer into an efficient side-dressing machine — and just as easily back into a sprayer — to help you maximize productivity and your equipment ROI. Here’s how:

  • Make a one-time bracket installation — brackets won’t interfere with standard spray bodies to accommodate your row widths.
  • A single-lock pin allows quick and easy installation or removal of application drops. Or easily fold up sticks when not in use (storage bar included).
  • The flexible rubber hose at the bottom of each stick trails between rows, placing nutrients within 3 inches of the crop and in soft soil to be absorbed quickly.

AIM AccuPlacer delivers a constant, consistent stream of nitrogen when and where your growing crops need it to reach their full yield potential. Advantages of AIM AccuPlacer include:

  • Lightweight, durable aluminum drops let you outfit full spray booms with less structural stress. Or outfit booms to align with planter width.
  • Placing nutrients in soft soil near the plants improves absorption and the return on your fertilizer investment.
  • Excellent performance on hillsides — consistent drop trailing helps ensure reliable nutrient placement.
  • Use in most row crops, including corn, soybean, sugar beet, cotton, sugarcane, etc.

Effective nutrient management

Timing is everything in nutrient management, especially when it comes to nitrogen. Because nitrogen changes in form and chemistry almost continuously, and readily moves from one location to another, successful management delivers enough nitrogen to the crop to optimize yield and profitability while minimizing losses to water and air.1 AIM AccuPlacer offers a unique approach to side dressing and supports 4R Nutrient Stewardship, which includes applying the

  1. Right fertilizer source at the
  2. Right rate, at the
  3. Right time and in the
  4. Right place

AIM AccuPlacer helps you apply nutrients as close as possible to the period of rapid crop uptake. The amount of nutrients needed to optimize crop yield often differs significantly from field to field and from one part of a field to another. When used in conjunction with Case IH Patriot® series sprayers and our Advanced Farming Systems, AIM AccuPlacer can help you pinpoint applications for maximum returns.

As you evaluate your fertility program this spring, work with the sales departments at your local Case IH dealer to outfit your existing spray equipment for timely side-dress applications. It’s among the most economic and agronomically beneficial ways to meet the nutritional needs of your growing crops.


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1Scharf P, Lory J. Best Management Practices for Nitrogen Fertilizer in Missouri. University of Missouri Division of Plant Sciences website. Published August 2006. Accessed April 24, 2017.
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  • John Van Dorp5.23.2017 Reply

    Will your AccuPlacer work in 20 inch corn rows?

    • Case IH5.26.2017

      AIM AccuPlacer does work with 20-inch corn rows. We recommend you work with your local Case IH dealer for more details on how you can customize AIM AccuPlacer to your sprayer.

  • Jason Richards5.25.2017 Reply

    I have bought “y drops” for my 4430 sprayer with a pro 700 and I struggled last year on settings in my monitor for the “y drop” is that something somebody can help me set?

  • Jacob Goodman5.27.2017 Reply

    Do you have to use orfices like with the nutra-boss (which this looks identical)? I was talking with a friend and were wondering if the aim command system could regulate the output rate instead of having to deal with swapping out orfices to change the rate.

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