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Article Share – USDA Chief Economist: Strong, Volatile Crop Prices Ahead

Case IH employees are in the field every day

With two-thirds of the Case IH workforce based in the field, we truly do talk to farmers every day, so we know what a challenging growing season it has been so far.

That’s why we couldn’t resist sharing some good news!

According to this article, “USDA Chief Economist: Strong, Volatile Crop Prices Ahead” in TopProducer, USDA’s Joseph Glauber forecasts an optimistic outlook for agriculture over the next few years, thanks to record-level exports.

He sees $4 per bushel-plus corn prices for the next five to 10 years, but U.S. market share may be reduced due to these high prices. Despite this, he forecasts that U.S. agriculture will remain competitive in the worldwide market due to its weaker dollar, compared to other currencies.

One challenge all major crops will face is the ability to double production to meet the growing demand, especially in developing countries that desire more animal protein in their diets.
We know farmers aren’t strangers to these challenges and that you strive to be more and more efficient with your production capabilities. That’s why Case IH is working with you to ensure you have reliable equipment and technology to get more yield from each acre. Check out to learn more.

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