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A reliable business partner can be as important to your farming operation as timely rains and a good pair of work boots. As you look for ways to make your farm more efficient, manage costs and increase production, here are some of the top reasons to consider a closer relationship with your Case IH dealer:


If winter hasn’t found its way to your farm yet, you likely know all too well that it’s only a matter of time. And if you haven’t had the chance to prepare for winter’s worst, here are some important considerations.


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Even though you might have parked your sprayer for the season weeks or even months ago, it’s important you spend a little more time with it before you park it for the winter. We sat down with Mark Burns, Case IH sprayer marketing manager, to pick his brain about the ins and outs of long-term sprayer storage. Here’s what we learned:


In the rush to button up bins, shelter grain carts and trucks and wrap up fall tillage, it can be easy to forget the combine you pulled into the shed after covering those last few acres. Set aside some time to prepare it for long-term storage. It’s good for your equipment, and you’ll be quicker to the field next year.


Keeping your equipment in peak condition can help ease the stress that often leads to harvest accidents and injuries.

Make Harvest Safety Your Top Priority

From the header on your combine to the service trailer behind your pickup and from the overhead wires across the end of your driveway to the soles on your work boots, nearly every aspect of harvest contributes to your safety. Make sure you give each detail the attention it deserves.


No matter how well you prepare your equipment, harvest breakdowns happen. But when you control the factors you can control, you’ll minimize downtime — and your stress level. So make sure your shop is well-stocked and your MyShed™ mobile app is up to date before the first signs of trouble.


Establishing a good stand of winter wheat this fall will set the tone for the crop you harvest next summer. In addition to a firm seedbed set up by moisture, you need to make sure your planting equipment doesn’t slow you down. (more…)

With all of summer’s workload, it’s hard to find time to think about what you need to do to get ready for fall, let alone do anything about it. But handling those tasks now can help you get the jump on the season. And that peace of mind might just help you enjoy summer a little bit more. (more…)

For more than 30 harvest seasons, Case IH has dispatched two support teams — backed by seasoned pros and stocked with thousands of genuine Case IH parts — to address wheat harvesters’ unique equipment needs on the spot. This year’s march north is well underway. (more…)