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Earth Metal Blades: Built to Withstand Just About Anything

Not all openers, disks and sweeps are created equal. This video shows how the superior design of Case IH Earth Metal® sweep, opener or disk blades is based on years of in-depth tillage and planting agronomic research.

The blades are made with special alloy steel and are heat-treated during manufacturing to prevent brittleness and loss of elasticity. Stronger and tougher than typical carbon blades, Earth Metal blades are unique in that they are designed to withstand the impact of hitting rocks or other obstacles in the field and not shatter or break. disk blade

Known for their toughness, the blades are thoroughly tested for elasticity and durability, and are up to 30 percent stronger and 20 percent longer-lasting than conventional blades. Visit your Case IH dealer to learn about the full selection of Earth Metal products.

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