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Hands-free Turning — Good for You and Your Fields

During spring planting, it can feel like every time you turn around you’ve got more and more to do. New Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology from Case IH can help ease that burden and improve your productivity.

Unveiled during this week’s National Farm Machinery Show in Louisville, AFS AccuTurn takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands. And that can help you do a better job of tilling, fertilizing or planting while keeping you fresher through those long days in the field. Using software logic from the Case IH Autonomous Concept Vehicle (ACV), this next-generation AFS autoguidance technology provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity.

Whether navigating square or irregular fields, AFS AccuTurn automatically controls the entire headland-turning process with industry-leading path-planning logic. And that pays off throughout the growing season. Consider how during planting or seeding this technology sets the field up with agronomically correct layouts. Then, during side dressing, spraying and harvest, your equipment precisely follows those layouts for improved efficiencies and higher yield potential.


AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology from Case IH incorporates smart, intuitive software logic to make turn-path planning easy, regardless of your skill level.
AccuTurn automated headland-turning technology from Case IH incorporates smart, intuitive software logic to make turn-path planning easy, regardless of your skill level.

Other productivity-enhancing benefits of AFS AccuTurn include:

  • Turn-path planning and turn-speed optimization lets you seamlessly navigate the tightest turns and position your tractor and implement squarely into the next pass. The industry-exclusive Auto Speed feature provides automatic turn-path planning that adapts to each operation’s speed, including maximum-turn-speed alerts.
  • Precise product application helps you manage and control inputs. You can intercept headlands or resume field passes with optimal implement position to reduce inconsistencies often seen with manual steering and mounted or trailing planters, seeders or fertilizer applicators at the end of the field.
  • Multiple modes of operation, including two intuitive settings — Automatic and Turn Now — so you can customize the level of automation to the application at hand, from tillage and side dressing to planting and seeding.
  • Flexibility for skip pass or pass-to-pass capabilities lets you easily adapt to broadacre or row-crop applications, resulting in increased efficiencies and productivity.

AFS AccuTurn isn’t just for row-crop applications. Small-grain and cereal-crop fieldwork often includes pulling multiple implements, such as tow-behind air carts and seeders. Automated-turning technology can help reduce strain so you stay more alert to perform other end-of-row functions when dealing with these increasingly larger and longer implements.

During this initial launch, AFS AccuTurn is available for any new and existing Case IH Steiger®, Magnum, Optum®, Puma® or Maxxum® series tractors equipped with AFS AccuGuide autoguidance and an AFS 262/372 receiver, NAV II/NAV III controller and AFS Pro 700 display. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how AFS AccuTurn can help you navigate the busy growing season ahead.


Brochure: Case IH Advanced Farming Systems

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