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New AFS Products Help You Steer, Share, Stay Precise

The new Case IH AFS RTK+ provides seamless signal availability for the highest level of precision farming accuracy.

When you’re on the move during the growing season, you need efficiency, precision and the ability to make quick, informed decisions. The latest advancements from Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) can help you achieve all three.

New from Case IH AFS for 2016:

AFS RTK+ — cellular-based correction guidance

With AFS RTK+ — available via subscription through participating Case IH dealers — you can achieve sub-inch repeatable accuracy through a network of dealer-supported base stations throughout the United States and Canada.

By expanding the reach of existing service signals, AFS RTK+:

  • Alleviates line-of-sight issues, including hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures
  • Provides consistent accuracy at any distance within the network
  • Delivers seamless connectivity and year-over-year repeatable sub-inch accuracy

These features mean greater field efficiency and the reduction of application overlaps and skips — even in the narrowest rows. AFS RTK+ is ideal for farming practices that require the highest level of precision, such as strip till or bedding. Best of all, it’s delivered via a secure Case IH network capable of supporting your entire fleet.

Network Stations at participating dealerships create seamless cellular coverage. When connected to the network, Case IH AFS RTK+ provides sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

Network Stations at participating dealerships create seamless cellular coverage. When connected to the network, Case IH AFS RTK+ provides sub-inch repeatable accuracy.

AFS Connect Data Sharing — cloud-based, integrated data-sharing platform

Gone are the days of shuffling USB drives to share your farm data. Thanks to AFS Connect Data Sharing, you now can collaborate with trusted third-party providers to make real-time decisions — saving you time and money. Using existing two-way wireless file transfer and a cloud-based data-sharing feature in the AFS Connect portal, AFS Connect Data Sharing gives you an easy way to seamlessly transfer agronomic data to and from trusted third-party providers, including agronomist or decision-making software services. You still control your data, but now you can approve and direct the sharing of yield maps, prescriptions, guidance line patterns and much more from any computer or tablet connected to the Internet.

ElectriSteer — an affordable after-market autoguidance solution

The new Case IH ElectriSteer is a quick, easy and affordable way to realize the benefits of autoguidance for all your vehicles. The universal steering motor connects with the AFS Pro 700 monitor to provide autoguidance for used and new machines across all equipment manufacturers.

Within minutes of installation, ElectriSteer provides high torque and a positive drive with whisper-quiet operation. ElectriSteer easily transfers from one vehicle to the next and is available for more than 700 vehicle makes/models.

Case IH AFS Certified Dealers have a trained AFS sales specialist on staff to help you optimize your farm. Talk to your dealer today about how our latest advancements make it easier than ever to bring the benefits of precision technology to your operation.



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Watch this video to see AFS Connect 2-way file transfer in action

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