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Operator-assisted Autonomy — Like an Extra Set of Hands

Operator-assisted Autonomy technology, such as AFS Soil Command, provides real-time, on-the-go communication between implement and tractor. That helps increase operator efficiency and top-level results.

As farm equipment grows in capabilities and complexities — not to mention in width and length — you’ve got a lot to monitor, with even more to do when it’s time to turn around and head back across the field. An extra set of hands in the cab could come in handy. The next level of automation can help.

Through extensive Customer Driven Product Design research, Case IH analyzed current and future technology needs. This process helped define five categories of automation for agricultural field applications. Operated-assisted Autonomy already is at work on farms just like yours — making tasks easier, more precise and more efficient. It all starts with ISOBUS Class 3 technology.

ISOBUS is the universal protocol for electronic communication between implements, tractors and computers. ISOBUS Class 3 technology introduces GPS inputs, two-way communication and two-way control, so the implement and tractor work together for maximum efficiency. Here are just a couple of real-world examples of how ISOBUS is making Operator-assisted Autonomy a reality today:

Creating an ideal seedbed

Available on the Tiger-Mate® 255 field cultivator, AFS Soil Command helps you measure and optimize the agronomic quality of your seedbed. This new technology uses reliable Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) components to maximize the agronomic benefits of each tillage pass, providing yield-enhancing information — no matter the field conditions or operator experience. The goal: an ideal seedbed with all the elements critical for consistent seed placement.

  • Factory-integrated seedbed sensors are strategically mounted to shank assemblies throughout the machine, providing real-time feedback on seedbed quality. Based on proven Agronomic Design principles, these rugged sensors monitor each time the shank begins to trip or float, alerting the operator to an uneven seedbed.
  • Factory-installed, AFS Soil Command sensing technology seamlessly integrates into the Tiger-Mate 255 field cultivator. Proven and dependable AFS components match the performance and rugged reputation Case IH tillage tools have earned. The AFS Pro 700 display and user-friendly interface make it easy — regardless of operator skill level — to do agronomically correct tillage on ISOBUS-VT-compliant displays.

Making better bales easier

When our tractors and balers are equipped with Class 3 ISOBUS technology, Case IH helps you squeeze more productivity from each day while continually putting up a high-quality product.

  • Class 3 ISOBUS technology provides two-way communication between the tractor and the implement.
  • Round baler automation maximizes bales per day. When pairing a Model Year 2017 or newer RB5 series round baler with a Maxxum® CVXDrive tractor or Puma® tractor, Class 3 technology is used to automatically stop the tractor when the target bale size is reached. The net wrap is applied, and then the tailgate is opened and closed automatically— all without operator input.
  • Feedrate Control enables an LB4 series large square baler to run at optimal performance by controlling the speed of a Case IH Puma tractor or Optum® tractor equipped with a CVXDrive transmission. The baler uses Class 3 ISOBUS technology to control the tractor’s forward speed. The system calculates the best speed based on the information received from sensors on the baler.

As you can see, different categories of automation already are helping modern agriculture produce more, more efficiently. No matter how you like to farm, talk with your Case IH dealer about finding the automation technology that hits your farm’s sweet spot.


What Can ISOBUS Do for You?

Automation Delivers Efficiencies in Productivity

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