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2013 Harvest Report: West is Seeing a Good Harvest

Categories: Field Reports

Today’s harvest blogger is Troy Crawford, Case IH Combine Product Specialist for the Western states — California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Arizona and Nevada. He has served Case IH customers in this role for the last year and a half, assisting them with the harvest of all the various crops that are grown in that area. Crawford grew up helping out on his uncles’ cattle ranch and wheat farm in Idaho, started as an office manager moving into sales and management at a Case IH dealership before taking his current position with Case IH. (more…)

Magnum Lineup Delivers Industry Firsts

At the 2013 Farm Progress Show, Case IH unveiled its most powerful Magnum™ tractors. (more…)

With this post, we begin the 2013 Harvest Report series from Case IH Combine Product Specialists from across North America. These product specialists are located in the field, close to the customers and dealers they support. They bring local, specialized product expertise, and go above and beyond to help Case IH customers Be Ready. We kick off the series with guest blogger Dan Renaud, Case IH Combine Product Specialist for customers and dealers in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Renaud has been with Case IH for 32 years, spending the last half of that as a Combine Product Specialist.

The redesigned WD3 series windrowers come equipped with an industry-first: an autoguidance system managed through the Case IH AFS Pro 700 control center. In this video, Brett Devries highlights some new features on the WD3 series, which debuted at the 2013 Farm Progress Show.

Could your operation benefit from the new WD3 series windrowers, making the drive easier and the field work faster?  (more…)

Low Profile. High Productivity.

Efficiency, power and adaptability are just a few of the features growers will find with the new RB565 round baler. In this video, Brett Devries introduces the RB565 round baler, which debuted at the 2013 Farm Progress Show.

What features do you look for in a round baler? (more…)

New Livestock Lineup is Tailor-Made

At the 2013 Farm Progress Show, Case IH unveiled a new, expanded lineup for livestock, hay and forage users. In the last three years, Case IH has introduced 26 new compact and utility tractors and 11 new hay and forage tools, providing versatile solutions to the challenges producers face every day with their operations.

Which hay and forage equipment were you most excited to see at Farm Progress Show? (more…)

Red and Ready Site

Get Ready for Harvest

Harvesting season is underway, and whether your equipment needs regular maintenance or you need parts to make adjustments to your combine, Case IH is here to help you Be Ready. (more…)

Kate 1

Intern Experiences Wheat Harvest & Much More

Categories: From the Editor

Case IH interns have been sharing their perspectives this summer. Our final intern blog is from Kate Leverich, Axial-Flow® combine sales and marketing intern. Kate is a University of Wisconsin-Madison sophomore studying life sciences communication. (more…)

Designed to help farmers maximize their yield potential and consistently produce in any condition, the Early Riser® 5 series will help you be ready come planting time.

What Early Riser features are most beneficial to you during planting season? (more…)

At the 2013 Farm Progress Show, Case IH introduced the next generation of aggressive disk rippers – the Ecolo-Tiger® 875.  This ripper offers even more durability, enhanced agronomics and more ease of use. All-new high-density Tiger points, standard Earth Metal® blades and a hydraulically controlled double-edged reel help the new disk ripper handle the heaviest residue, the toughest soils and the widest range of field and weather conditions.  In this video, Dr. Rob Zemenchik, Case IH Sales and Marketing Manager for Tillage Products, introduces us to the Ecolo-Tiger 875.

Have you used the Ecolo-Tiger disk ripper? What was your experience with it? (more…)