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Bill Hoeg, Case IH Planter Sales and Marketing Manager in North America, is our guest blogger for this post, the first of a two-part series on factors to consider when buying a planter. Bill provides important agronomic factors to keep in mind in this first blog post(more…)

Hay Expo Shows Equipment at Work

The 26th Annual Farm Progress Hay Expo was held last week in Boone, Iowa, on the same site at which the Farm Progress Show will take place in late-August. The 10-acre exhibit field featured manufacturers and distributors showcasing their hay and forage products to interested farmers. (more…)

Hay Expo Brings Optimistic Crowds

The first day of the Farm Progress Hay Expo attracted a substantial crowd, even while storm clouds loomed above during most of the afternoon. Later that evening, a much-needed rain saturated Central Iowa, but it wasn’t enough to stop the show during a beautiful summer day on Thursday. The Expo, held in Boone, Iowa, is a good opportunity for Case IH to spotlight its equipment to interested customers. (more…)

The chasm between urban-dwellers and farmers is growing ever-wider as consumers are inundated with conflicting messages about the food they buy for their families. Biased media reports, celebrities with hidden agendas, documentaries that don’t provide objective overviews and book authors who present information meant to be sensational rather than truthful cause consumers to be distrustful. They don’t know which sources to believe, often lack understanding about how food is grown and harbor concerns about the best-management practices employed by farmers. Too often, the messages consumers hear are from groups whose very purpose is to put a stop to modern agricultural practices.  (more…)

Darren Hefty of Ag PhD takes a plant tissue sample.

Well-known agronomists Brian and Darren Hefty are our guest bloggers for this post. Through radio and television programs and during workshops, the Heftys help educate farmers and provide information to help farmers improve their profitability. In this blog post, Brian and Darren discuss how to make plant tissue analysis useful and how it can help improve your fertility program.  (more…)

Five Ways to Maximize Sprayer Efficiency

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this series. In his final guest blog post, Mark shares five ways to get the most from your sprayer. Improving efficiency is one more way we’re helping you Be Ready for the future.  (more…)

The enacted Tax Relief, Unemployment Insurance Reauthorization, and Job Creation Act of 2010 (Tax Relief Act of 2010) includes several business-related tax incentives for U.S. farmers who choose to invest in and place equipment into service  in 2012.* Taking advantage of these benefits is another way to Be Ready for the increasing demand to feed a growing population.  (more…)

Tips to Minimize Sprayer Drift

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this new series. In his third guest blog post in the series, Mark gives tips to minimize sprayer drift. His insights help you Be Ready throughout the growing season.  (more…)

Mark Burns, Case IH marketing manager for application equipment, covers sprayer topics in this new series. In his second guest blog post, Mark provides maintenance tips to help you keep your sprayer running at peak performance. His insights will help you Be Ready throughout the growing season.  (more…)

Robert Johnston, on left, city manager of Frederick, Okla., presented Case IH and GPTC with a citation from the state of Oklahoma for their continuous commitment to wheat harvest workers’ safety. Also pictured (left to right) are Dan Renaud, Case IH combine product specialist, Jim Smith, GPTC’s agricultural & machine repair instructor, Gary Tyler, GPTC’s campus superintendent and Dave North, manager, Case IH ProHarvest.  (more…)