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Q&A: Technology Drives Better Agronomic Decisions

Make sure you’re tapping into all the benefits precision farming technology can bring to your operation during the 2018 growing season.

A driving force behind Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) is to provide the information you need to help optimize performance, profit and productivity. Other features can help ease your workload so you can be more efficient with your time. But neither can happen if you’re not getting the most from your technology.

We asked Chris Dempsey, AFS Marketing Manager at Case IH, a few questions that might be on your mind heading into the growing season. Here’s what we learned:

Q. How can technology improve agronomic performance of the seedbed, hybrids and varieties?

A. Agronomy is the foundation on which Case IH AFS is built. Every bit of data gathered, each efficiency gained and all the analysis completed funnel down to one goal: improving agronomic performance. Whether it’s a better understanding of how a specific seed variety performs under certain field conditions or fine-tuning seedbed preparation with AFS Soil Command or monitoring equipment remotely, this technology helps you make better management decisions.

Q. AFS AccuTurn is the newest guidance offering. How can it pay off on my farm?

A. AFS AccuTurn is a great way to increase efficiency, but AccuTurn offers much more than hands-free headland turning. Path-planning logic can pay off all season long. For example, when you tap into this technology at planting, your rows will be consistent, regardless of field shape. With precise, repeatable accuracy, AccuTurn helps ensure proper fertilizer placement during side-dressing for a maximum return on investment and higher yields. At harvest this consistent row spacing contributes to reduced header loss and ultimately puts more grain in the tank.

Q. What does AFS Variety Tracking bring to the table?

A. The AFS Variety Tracking feature automatically keeps accurate records of seed varieties, inputs and performance from planting through harvest. You can track up to 30 seed varieties per field. During harvest, the software automatically gathers yield and moisture data so you can easily and accurately analyze variety performance.

Q. How do I get started with AFS Variety Tracking?

A. First, review the operators manual for the software that came with your combine. If you need additional assistance, work with your Case IH AFS Pinnacle Certified Dealer, who has a trained precision farming specialist on staff. You can also check out the Case IH Owners Community to access operators manuals and quick reference cards.

Q. What AFS advancements should farmers know about?

A. There are several that coincided with our latest software update. Here are some of the highlights:

  • The AFS Pro 700 monitor, in conjunction with AFS Connect 2-way data transfer, features improved file importing and exporting. Growers can seamlessly import planter data and re-export variety zone maps optimizing time and efficiency.
  • To easily monitor maintenance status, we’ve added the capability to track interval status with AFS Connect. Take the guess work out of service planning by having maintenance status indicators in a single location!
  • If you’re taking advantage of ISOBUS technology, we’ve expanded our data logging capabilities to be more configurable and adaptable to different applications.

Q. What other tips can you offer farmers before they head to the field?

A. If you haven’t completed all the recommended postharvest data management best practices, be sure to do that. Ensure all the electronics and connections are working and have a plan in place for backing up your data. But, most important, be safe, and have a great spring!


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