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Seed More Acres With the New Precision Disk 500DS Air Drill

The new Case IH Precision Disk 500 double shoot (DS) air drill offers a one-pass seeding and fertilizing solution to increase seeding rates without sacrificing accuracy or efficiency.

Field conditions and markets are unpredictable, so it’s important to have equipment that maximizes your efficiency and savings. To that end, Case IH is introducing the innovative Precision Disk 500 double shoot (DS) air drill, which allows you to seed and fertilize simultaneously in one pass.

When it comes to proper seed and fertilizer placement, you already know the process can be as much of an art as it is a science. The Precision Disk 500DS aims to improve the planting process by creating a fixed seed-fertilizer distance to increase yield and overall productivity. The result is a consistent one-pass seed and fertilizer placement process, providing accurate, reliable and time-saving results with each use.

High-efficiency placement: reduce nutrient loss and seed damage

The new Precision Placement Knife gives the Precision Disk 500DS a measurable edge. By placing seed 1 inch above and 1 inch over from fertilizer in the same pass, the Precision Placement Knife makes fertilizer more accessible to the seed. The result is 2 inches of separation between seed and fertilizer, placing vital nutrients 3 inches closer than competitive units without increasing the risk of costly seed damage.

Built with agronomic design in mind

The Precision Placement Knife is built on Agronomic Design principles to accurately close seed trenches with a separate, ground-engaging tool connected to the row unit. The 18-inch gauge wheels are larger and offer improved disk cleaning to prevent soil throw, and the wheel is positioned farther back for better depth control while seeding and fertilizing.

The Precision Placement Knife is made to last, providing uncompromised durability and extended wear through unique steel composition and a reinforced carbide edge. That doesn’t mean accuracy is sacrificed for strength, though — the design uses a new concave chevron-patterned firming wheel, collecting moist soil ejected from the seed-fertilizer trench and placing it back over the seed for excellent germination.

A lighter, leaner frame for increased productivity

With two ranks, the Precision Disk 500DS air drill follows the contour of the ground more closely than deeper models with three ranks. This feature, combined with the 20-inch-up-and-down movement of the parallel link row unit, leads to superior ground following.

The 10-inch spacing and 60-foot toolbar of the Precision Disk 500DS air drill also weighs less than competitor air drills of the same size. Less weight means less compaction, less draft and greater horsepower for higher speeds and power to seed at higher rates. Higher speeds, when combined with the one-pass seeding placement, mean far more seeding can be accomplished in one day.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about how the Precision Disk 500DS air drill can best help your farming practices.


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