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Seed More Crops, Better, With A Precision Disk Air Drill

Mounted, tow-between or tow-behind seed tank flexibility and model options help make Precision Disk air drills versatile seeding tools for a broad range of crops.

From cereal grains to oilseeds to cover crops, you expect every seed you plant to reach its full genetic potential. Case IH Precision Disk air drills hit all the agronomic benchmarks that deliver top yields.

Precision Disk air drills continue to gain acres, because they provide the flexibility to react as markets, weather and other conditions change. For example, our air drills give you the high capacity and planting speed you need when a late snowstorm closes the spring wheat seeding window even tighter. Or consider how quickly you can no-till soybeans when unexpected rains set up your fields for double-crop success.

Higher yields start with seed placement

Fast, uniform germination is an important factor in crop yields. Good seed-to-soil contact is critical. And, in wheat, for example, consistent, accurate seed placement helps minimize tillering, which results in larger heads with bigger kernels.1

The row unit on our Precision Disk air drills delivers the consistent, accurate seed placement for nearly any crop — whether seeding canola a half-inch deep or sunflower 3 inches deep. The row unit’s parallel link design allows 8.5 inches of upward travel and 11.5 inches of downward travel for maximum ground following capability for even seed depth placement in any soil condition. It also provides the potential for faster ground speed and more acres seeded per day.

Watch this video to see how each element of the row unit — from our unique variable down pressure spring to our single disk Earth Metal® blade opener slicing through the toughest crop residue — works together and with the entire air drill to achieve optimal seed placement and seed-to-soil contact.

High-capacity seeding boosts your productivity

Seven new Precision Air 5 series air carts feature tank capacities from 350 to 950 bushels, and are available in tank configurations with two or three primary compartments. Optional 25- or 35-bushel auxiliary tanks help meet your input needs. And tank options let you mix any tank’s product with any of the other tanks for maximum flexibility.

Model options that meet your needs

Choose the Precision Disk air drill model best suited to your individual operation:

Each model integrates seamlessly with Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) and ISOBUS technology for maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Talk to your Case IH dealer about how Precision Disk air drills can expand your cropping options while improving your ability to react on the go.


Video: Precision Air 5 Series Air Cart

Brochure: Precision Disk Air Drill Productivity Tips

1Fanning R., Ferguson B. Sustainable Production of 100 Bushel Wheat. South Dakota State University Cooperative Extension Service website. Published 2011. Accessed September 13, 2017.
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