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To be sure, efficiency is neither a new nor unusual goal in farming. But it’s reassuring to know that when conditions dictate, we’ve got the tools and the drive to accomplish even more in a tighter time frame. That’s precisely the scenario that’s played out across the western Corn Belt this spring.


Waiting out the weather — it’s a spring tradition most of us would rather avoid. This year, it’s testing the mettle of many in the western Corn Belt. Still, it’s important to remain patient and stay ready for when conditions improve.


Favorable conditions go a long way toward helping you achieve the all-important fast, uniform crop emergence. Having the right planting equipment — as producers across many southern states are experiencing — is a big help, too.


Whether you rolled through planting season mostly unhindered, with the typical ups and downs, or with more challenges than you care to remember, it’s time to start evaluating how your planter performed.


Spring planting wouldn’t be spring planting without up-and-down weather. But there comes a time when we would welcome an extended dry spell to bring the season to a timely conclusion. Many farmers in parts of Illinois and Indiana are more than ready to see the dust fly again.


Recent rainfall has helped improve soil moisture across the northern Plains and will help already-planted crops get off to a good start. While you’re waiting for your fields to dry, it’s a good time to make sure your planting equipment is ready to roll. (more…)

From wet to dry to way too wet, field conditions across the southern United States are challenging farmers more than usual this spring. Case IH track technology and perseverance are helping growers plant as timely as possible.


Great conditions helped eastern Corn Belt farmers make good planting progress. A recent weather shift now threatens those tender, early emerging seedlings and has growers weighing their options. (more…)

Near-ideal conditions this spring have helped Minnesota farmers plant their crops in a timely fashion. It’s been a complete 180 from recent years. And that’s a good thing — as long as the rains return. (more…)

Planting Report: Tracked Tractors Shine This Spring

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Every season brings challenges and opportunities. Planting delays continue to test farmers across many Southern regions this spring. Many growers have seen firsthand how the latest Case IH technology can help them manage these challenges. (more…)