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With the Right Tractors, You’ll Keep Planting on Track

Case IH track technology can help you meet optimum planting dates.

Timing is top of mind no matter the season. That’s especially true when it comes to getting your crop in the ground. Every day can give your crop a greater opportunity to reach its full yield potential.

You’ve got little to gain by planting in too-wet, too-cool soils, but if volatile spring weather delays the season past target planting dates, yield will suffer. Case IH track technology, including our Steiger® Quadtrac® and Steiger Rowtrac high-horsepower models, can help you get into fields sooner. If you raise specialty crops, such as sugarbeets, potatoes or vegetables, where climate and field conditions typically challenge an already short growing season, take a look at the latest entry to the Case IH track lineup: the Magnum Rowtrac.

With nearly 20 years of track technology leadership, Case IH offers a diverse line of tractors that delivers advantages to nearly every situation. Here are some considerations when choosing the best option for your farming operation:

Steiger Quadtrac

  • The most powerful tractor on the market ­— a 682 peak horsepower handles the largest implements
  • Fuel savings in patented SCR-only emissions system; Tier 4 B/Final-compliant
  • Maximum flotation to help you minimize compaction
  • Ergonomic operator environment
  • Ground-level serviceability

Steiger Rowtrac

  • Highest horsepower Rowtrac tractor available — models range from 370 to 500 horsepower
  • Narrow undercarriage for row crop applications
  • Better traction and maximum flotation without berms or ridges in turns
  • Longer wheelbase for greater transfer of power to the ground

Magnum Rowtrac

  • Combines the benefits of tracks with the maneuverability of mechanical front drive
  • Ideal for soil conditions that require better flotation and reduced compaction
  • Flexible row spacing to match your specific cropping system
  • Keeps fields smooth with reduced berms and minimal soil disturbance in wide or tight turns

Case IH track leadership extends beyond the planting season. When outfitted with available track technology, our Axial-Flow® combines deliver many of the same advantages — earlier in the field for a more timely harvest, maximum flotation, reduced compaction and more power to the ground — our tracked tractors do.

If you find yourself waiting on the weather this spring, see what other producers have to say about the Steiger Rowtrac and Steiger Quadtrac. Or take a trip to your Case IH dealership and get a firsthand look at the benefits Case IH track technology can bring to your farm.

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