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10 Reasons to Partner With Your Case IH Dealer

From outstanding service to quick parts access to cost management, a partnership with your Case IH dealer can bring great value to your operation.

A reliable business partner can be as important to your farming operation as timely rains and a good pair of work boots. As you look for ways to make your farm more efficient, manage costs and increase production, here are some of the top reasons to consider a closer relationship with your Case IH dealer:

  1. They know your machines. Only your Case IH dealer can provide you with the expert service and genuine Case IH parts specifically designed for your equipment to protect your investment and maintain uptime.
  2. Top-tier parts distribution. You don’t have time to wait for a part. Our 10 Case IH parts depots are strategically located to maximize parts availability and accelerate delivery times.
  3. Industry-leading parts warranty. Case IH warranties cover both parts and labor. Our industry-leading coverage protects new and remanufactured parts installed at a Case IH dealership.
  4. Qualified technicians. As Case IH equipment advances, so do Case IH qualified technicians. Our dealers’ technicians are trained on advancements in technology specific to Case IH equipment.
  5. Lower owning and operating costs. In addition to genuine Case IH parts, we offer a full range of cost-effective alternatives. Case IH remanufactured parts and a full all-makes product line support your operation and give you the lowest cost of ownership.
  6. Certified Maintenance Inspections. Get peace of mind through preventive maintenance. Our dealers’ technicians provide you with recommendations on how to maintain your machine’s peak performance.
  7. Our electronic service tools. Trust service tools and proprietary software solutions, exclusively available to Case IH dealers, to quickly diagnose machine performance issues to keep you up and running.
  8. Latest updates. Only your Case IH dealer has direct access to the latest Case IH operational, service and repair information, ensuring you get regular updates on your equipment the moment they’re available.
  9. Planned maintenance agreements. Get a fixed price for future service with a plan that is tailored to meet your specific needs — making budgeting efforts easier than ever.
  10. Work smarter, not harder. Get in and out of the field as efficiently as possible with our collection of Advanced Farming Systems (AFS).

Your Case IH dealer stands ready to help bring new solutions and opportunities to your operation. So talk with your Case IH dealer this offseason. It can be a powerful partnership.


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