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2014 Planting Report: Most Texas Farmers Have Corn in the Ground

Planting is well underway in the southern part of the Corn Belt.

Del Massey, Case IH Crop Production Product Specialist who covers parts of Texas, Alabama, Arkansas, Tennessee and the Bootheel region of Missouri, kicks off our 2014 planting reports. Del grew up on a farm in northeast Arkansas, growing corn, rice and soybeans. The farm is still in operation today. He’s been with Case IH for four years – the past two years as a Crop Production Product Specialist.

Read his report below and let us know if planting has started in your area. We want to hear from you!

Farmers in southern Texas try to start planting in February to beat the hot weather, so the corn crop there is already mostly planted. Texas rice growers were held up a bit by rain but have got 40-50 percent of rice planted so far. Some milo also is being planted.

Producers in Arkansas, Missouri and Tennessee are starting to plant corn, popcorn and rice. Soybean planting is expected to start in late April or early May.

In some parts of Texas water is being rationed, so that’s having an impact on what crops farmers are choosing to plant, especially in areas where rice is usually grown.

Crop prices also are having an impact on what’s being planted. For example, in the Delta region, it’s anticipated not as much corn will be planted as in previous years. Instead, growers will likely shift back to growing cotton and rice, whose prices have held their own.

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