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2014 Planting Report: Ohio, Indiana, Michigan Farmers More Than Halfway Done

About 70 percent of corn and 60 percent of soybeans are planted in Ohio, Indiana and Michigan.

Today’s guest blogger is Kurt Hohlbein, Case IH Crop Production Specialist for Ohio, northern Indiana and western Michigan. He grew up on a row crop farm in Ohio and has been a Crop Production Specialist for the past three years.

Read his report below and let us know how crops are looking in your area. We want to hear from you! Lores

Planting is progressing well in my territory. Farmers are about 70 percent done planting corn and 60 percent done with soybeans.

The weather was a little wet last week, but so far, this week has been fantastic for planting. Temperatures have been in the high 70s and 80s for the past four to five days.

Producers love the serviceability of the Case IH Early Riser® planter and the new Accustat seed sensor. The Precision Disk™ has performed well, and growers are adjusting to using the ISOBUS task controller system. Case IH field support staff and local dealers have been helping farmers with the adjustment.

Producers are starting to see the agronomic benefits behind Case IH equipment, especially how the Early Riser planter and Precision Disk keep planting depths even.1

Next year’s crop prices are a big topic with growers right now. Prices are locked in for this year, but they fear that next year’s prices will be lower, and are concerned about their investments. Crop insurance has also been discussed a lot this year, as about 10-15 percent of the corn crop had to be replanted due to some hard rain we received about two to three weeks ago.

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  • Charlie Roberson6.3.2014 Reply

    You’re late hoss. Mine is chest high!

  • Will shaw6.7.2014 Reply

    My dad is not the richest but he has aways helped me with whatever it might be he is the Best dad in the world he has away made me proud and make sure to drive red and we might not have the biggest farm in the world but it’s all we got and we have worked for it and worked for what we have it’s what you make of what you have and you will be all right in life i know I will not win but i am going to give it a shot

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