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3-Year Old Trades in Tractor

James McCutcheon, equipment sales for Case IH dealer H&R Agri-Power in Tanner, Ala., was at Brad Lamon’s house discussing equipment when he spotted a green, battery-powered toy tractor belonging to Brad’s son, Judson, in their driveway.

James knew the toy tractor, which had been a Christmas gift, just wasn’t the right color for 3-year-old Judson. That’s because the Lamon family has a history of running Case IH on their fourth-generation, 4,000-acre row-crop farm in Trinity, Ala.

“My granddad went to New Mexico on the GI Bill after World War II and started working for a gentleman with a big farm that had all sorts of equipment,” says Brad. “After cranking on a green tractor in a field for hours with no luck, my granddad swore that if he ever went back to Alabama to farm, he’d never have a green tractor. And he never did.”


Knowing the Lamons’ love of collecting and using red equipment, James decided to see if Judson would be willing to trade in the green tractor for a red one. Judson didn’t want to part with his toy at first, but James and the crew at H&R Agri-Power made a special affair out of the tractor deal. They assembled the toy tractor on the spot at the dealership, had Judson sign a contract for the Case IH loader tractor, gave him a hat, and introduced him to the parts manager and service manager – just like what happens when Judson’s father signs a deal.

Both father and mother were touched. “It was the best thing I’ve ever seen a group of men do for a boy,” says Allison Lamon, Judson’s mother. “This was a special day for father and son. Judson was really excited about this trade in.”

James works hard to build partnerships with his clients, and this is just one example of the service he and other Case IH dealers provide.

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  • Robert Russell3.1.2013 Reply

    Love this…..

  • David A. Hodson3.1.2013 Reply

    I applaud you folks for this. I wish more would do this and I hope CNH takes notice.

  • özgür oruç3.2.2013 Reply

    I want this toy model tractors from, but I can not find where can I find turkey as well, thank you but very beautiful

  • Selina Cleck Hoffman3.2.2013 Reply

    What a great story! Thank you for sharing.

  • Dave Wilson4.4.2013 Reply

    This story makes you proud to be working with the land , no matter what color you are.[we are red also] I went to our local Dodge and Case dealers to thank them for the Paul Harvey superbowl commercial and they said they got a huge response.Like many others, it brought tears to our eyes. Thank you!

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