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4 Tips to Keep Your Crew Safe This Harvest

Devoting time to harvest safety can help you spend more time in the field.

Let’s get to the point: Safety is the surest route to a timely, satisfying harvest. If you don’t have a safety plan, develop one. If you have one, stick with it. It might be the most important task you complete this fall.

With the busy harvest season now upon us, be sure to take the time to conduct a thorough safety check of the equipment, parts and accessories you plan to use. The time you devote to your safety and that of those helping you during this busy season will pay off in efficiency, dollars saved and peace of mind.

Focus on these four critical areas of harvest safety:

  1. Make sure all guards and shields are in place.
  2. Instruct all workers in proper techniques, safety procedures and gear.
  3. Stop all moving parts before servicing the equipment.
  4. Keep alert; work safe and smart.

Consult your land-grant university for additional safety tips and recommendations. The National Ag Safety Database offers an extensive list of farm safety topics, publications and information.

Taking direct steps, such as making sure safety shields are in place, can prevent accidents and injuries. As another important preventive step, make sure equipment is in top working order. Preventing breakdowns saves time. You can maintain your pace and stay on track so you aren’t in a hurry later on, and you can avoid farm accidents that result from being rushed. Do whatever you can to reduce potential downtime; stay current on routine maintenance, replace worn parts and stock replacement parts. Your Case IH dealer can help with maintenance schedules and supplies.

No matter how hard you work, harvest won’t stay on schedule if you or those helping you are unable to get the work done. Precision technology like Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) provide automated guidance, hands-free steering and implement automation to reduce operator fatigue. The comfort and safety features in Case IH cabs can also help to stay attentive and safe. Other simple things, such as eating right, getting plenty of rest and recognizing when you need a break, can help you stay alert and maintain focus. And that can help you enjoy the beauty and the bounty of the harvest season.


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