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500T Air Drill Delivers Seeding Simplicity

Wes Statz of Sun Prairie Wisconsin chose the Precision Disk 500T air drill for its advanced technology, including parallel link design that ensures even seed placement depth in any soil condition.

Whether or not your final seed orders are in the books, your mind is likely already wandering to next planting season. Among the list of considerations are equipment upgrades. Coming off a successful planting of winter wheat and rye, Wes Statz of Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, joins us to talk about his experience with the Precision Disk 500T air drill.

As the crop and machinery manager for his family’s dairy, Wes relies on his 500T air drill to plant
everything from soybeans and wheat to alfalfa and sorghum. Whether seeding for his own operation or raising custom forage crops for neighboring farms, Wes Counts on the 500T to get the most from every seed.

When switching from soybeans to alfalfa, the meter roll-out system allows him to easily change out crops — all while delivering unmatched seed placement. To accommodate crop changes, he’s also able to quickly adjust depth settings.

“I really like the ability to control depth settings and adjust down pressure from the cab,” says Wes. “When dealing with alfalfa seeding where uniform depth is very critical, it does a phenomenal job at metering seed per acre at a managed rate.”

Along with simplicity and ease of use, Wes shares that the drill has helped boost efficiencies.

“With the combination of commodity prices, land rent and fairly high input costs, it’s important that every dollar you put into the crop makes a difference,” explains Wes. “The 10-foot section shut-offs have given us the opportunity to use our resources more wisely.”

Tight planting windows are no match for the 500T. According to Wes, what was once a challenge in planting winter wheat and rye in the fall, is now much more efficient. The technology, simplicity and ease of adjustments have allowed him to work longer and faster, covering more acres in a shorter amount of time.

From more precise placement around contours to a simplified maintenance routine, for Wes, everything came full circle when the crop emerged, “After seeing the results from the first planting season, I was just so impressed. It’s unbelievable.”

To experience higher yields and more precise placement on your operation, talk with your Case IH dealer about putting the Precision™ Disk 500T air drill to work next planting season.

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