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6 Takeaways From Rural America Live

Evaluation and decision-making are part of everyday life in farming. As you know, now is the ideal time to dig deeper and identify adjustments that can bring big benefits.

Case IH experts sat down with Rural America Live guest host Max Armstrong to share ideas and examples of seemingly minor tweaks that can improve your bottom line. Click the video window to watch a replay of the program that first aired on RFD-TV and where Chris Lursen, Case IH tillage marketing manager, Tony McClelland, Case IH planter marketing manager, and Leo Bose, Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) marketing manager, shared their insights. Here are a few takeaways:

  1. Break through long-held assumptions and challenge the status quo to achieve High-Efficiency Farming.
    • Ask yourself, “What am I not thinking of today that could help me produce more in the future?”
    • Even small changes can help your equipment perform better and help you do a better job raising your crop. For example, consider how an upgrade to your precision-farming technology could put more planter row-unit adjustments at your fingertips. In-cab fine-tuning can help you quickly tweak settings from field to field or as conditions change across an individual field — without the toll that jumping in and out of the cab all day takes on you.
  2. Although today’s planting technology can help compensate for less-than-ideal conditions, it’s important year-round to strive for a high-efficiency seedbed that complements seed placement accuracy.
    • Look below the seedbed surface. The subsurface floor should be firm and even more smooth and level than the soil surface.
  3. Just because you have a high-speed planter doesn’t mean you should plant at high speeds.
  4. Consider these barometers for planter performance.
    • Strive for a crop that germinates quickly and emerges uniformly.
    • Singulation for consistent, accurate spacing — every double costs you money; every skip costs you money.
    • Uniform crop emergence — impacts cob size and, ultimately, yield.
    • Uniform soil density around the seed — affects soil warming and access to moisture.
    • Excellent seed-to-soil contact — helps ensure fast germination and emergence.
  5. Case IH AFS delivers precision farming tools designed to improve your bottom line.
    • Two-way wireless data transfer lets you upload and share data with the push of a button.
    • AFS RTK+ provides cellular-based guidance correction for sub-inch repeatable accuracy — a must-have for strip-till.
  6. Be proactive.

After you watch the Rural America Live program, keep the discussion going. Send your questions via email to reply@caseih.com. Or talk to your Case IH dealer about changes you can implement on your farm that can help you next year and in the years to come.


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