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7 Steps to Getting More From Your Data This Fall

Make sure your precision farming equipment is as ready to harvest data as your combine is to gobble up grain.

The knowledge we gain as we bring in our crops is almost as important as the bushels we harvest. You can put that data to work guiding seed selection and decisions about fertility or tillage this fall. But, just as you can’t afford to leave grain in the field, you need to take steps to ensure you don’t miss any data.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) provides the harvest solutions that help you monitor, map and evaluate data about your crops’ performance. All Case IH Axial-Flow® combines feature integrated yield and moisture monitoring sensors standard from the factory. AFS seamlessly integrates across all types of equipment, so you can track, monitor and analyze precision farming data during every production phase. Watch this video to learn more, and then check out these tips to help you accurately harvest all the valuable data available right along with your crops:

  1. Brush up. The best way to tap into all the features AFS offers is through education and familiarity. Your operators manual provides a great refresher on your equipment; how to set it and maintain it. Connect with the Case IH Owners Community and AFS Support Center. Work with your Case IH AFS Certified Dealer. Your dealer can help with inspections, adjustments, training and more.
  2. Check your equipment. Inspect sensors. Be sure all AFS data collection points are in place and functioning properly. Check cables for damage. Damaged cables or rodent damage can cause shorts or result in data loss or incomplete data.
  3. Calibrate. Yield and moisture data is only as accurate as the equipment gathering it. Calibrate your yield monitor within the season’s first field, whenever you change crops and periodically throughout the harvest.
  4. Connect. Make sure GPS receivers connect and track accurately. If you use cloud-based services, make sure data is transferring.
  5. Update your software. Ensure you’re getting the most from your precision farming technology. Download and install any new features or functionality.
  6. Manage and protect your data. If you haven’t recently backed up your data, do so now. Processing data regularly will confirm the yield monitor system is working properly. This also helps ensure your data is safe and recoverable. You always can use a memory stick to move data. But consider AFS Connect telematics with AFS Two-way File Transfer. It’s an easy, automatic, wireless way to transfer data from the vehicle to a secure cloud.
  7. Put your data to work. Case IH AFS Mapping & Records software can help analyze your fields. Or share it with your agronomist or crop consultant. Together, you can begin mapping out a fall fertility program or putting together a tillage plan.

Whether you’re wrapping up harvest and moving on to tillage or waiting to get rolling, Case IH AFS lets you rest assured you’re growing your knowledge base about your farming operation. And that can help you make better decisions in the years to come.


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