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A Battery Check Can Help Keep the Juice Flowing

A little TLC now will help ensure your batteries are ready to deliver the power you need, when you need it.

There’s never a good time for a dead battery — especially in the dead of winter. Spend a little time today on battery maintenance and you’ll likely prevent headaches and hassle once temperatures plummet.

A good battery should last at least five years and as long as eight. The older the battery, the less likely it will fully charge. Cold temperatures only exacerbate the problem. As temperatures drop, the chemical process in the battery slows, restricting power production.

Proper battery maintenance can help keep the juice flowing during challenging winter conditions. Start with these tips:

Start with durable batteries. Select a battery built for off-road use. Their more-durable construction helps them resist damage from vibration. MagnaPower batteries from Case IH are specifically designed for Case IH equipment and off-road use.

Test your batteries. Check battery performance with a battery tester. If it won’t hold a full charge, consider replacing the battery. If you wait until its eventual failure, you know it’s likely to happen when you most need the piece of equipment it powers.

Clean your batteries. Simply use a damp rag to wipe off the acid or grime that can cause the battery to drain more rapidly. When cleaning equipment with a pressure washer, avoid directly spraying the battery terminals and all electrical connections.

Even batteries that power equipment you don’t plan to use during the winter, such as combines, windrowers or self-propelled spray equipment, require attention. Use a battery maintainer on batteries that won’t be charged for more than three to four weeks. This will help preserve the battery and keep it fresh when you’re ready to pull the equipment from storage.

Learn more about why batteries fail and what you can do to help extend their life by watching this short video. Or read up on battery maintenance in the latest issue of Farm Forum or Canadian Farming.

When it’s time for a new battery, talk with your Case IH dealer about our full line of MagnaPower batteries, or shop online at the Case IH Genuine Parts Store. Because, no matter the winter chore — be it livestock to feed, snow to plow or snow to clear just to get to your feed — you need reliable power.

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