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AFBF Trip Offers Look Into Sugarcane Production

Katie Heger, from Underwood, North Dakota, learned about Case IH sugarcane harvesters during her tour of a manufacturing facility in São Paulo, Brazil.

Today’s blog post is guest-written by Katie Heger, a Case IH customer from Underwood, North Dakota. She recently participated in the Partners in Agricultural Leadership (PAL) program, which is facilitated by the American Farm Bureau Federation (AFBF). This year’s PAL class took a trip to Brazil to learn more about the agriculture industry and how agriculture can be affected on a global scale. In this blog post, the first of two posts from AFBF PAL attendees, Heger shares her experiences.

I had the opportunity to visit a Case IH manufacturing facility and sugarcane farm in São Paulo, Brazil, with AFBF’s Partners in Agricultural Leadership program. As a farmer who uses Case IH equipment, it was a treat for me to see the equipment being assembled in a systemized fashion. The facilities were very tidy, and production and safety information were proudly displayed at the entrance.

Have you visited a Case IH manufacturing facility either here or abroad? What did you experience during your tour?

photo 8

Case IH sugarcane harvesters are used in fields like this one in Brazil.

The most impressive part of my visit was the knowledge shared on the crops that the machinery being assembled will be used on. The beginning of my visit was spent learning a bit about the company, their machinery and sugarcane. I was fascinated to know that there is going to be a need for a large number of sugarcane harvesters due to the government-required change to mechanized harvesting versus burning and manual cutting. I also learned that sugarcane and technological developments are very important because it is a diverse crop that can be used for food, ethanol and fiber. The explanation, information and ability to communicate about the crop cycle by the Case IH staff made observation and interactions in the factory, mill and service area much more meaningful!

Employees showed us everything from new equipment production to maintenance to a complete overhaul of a sugarcane harvester to their service and safety awards!

Pride for the business, work and company were clear! The tour guides talked openly about their equipment, data usage and how they provide service to their customers. They said service is one of the most important elements of a sale.

After my visit to the Case IH manufacturing facility, I can honestly say it was an honor to spend the day with the company, their employees and a Brazilian Case IH customer. It was clear that Case IH is proud of what they do.

As I reflect on my experience, the following final thoughts come to mind …

I would highly encourage anyone who gets a chance to visit a Case IH manufacturing facility! The one in São Paulo, Brazil, is fabulous (and the weather isn’t too bad either)!

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