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AFS Connect Puts You in Sync With Your Fleet

Case IH AFS Connect provides fleet management, machine status and security features that give you real control over your operation.

Just like you evaluate hybrid selection, weed control, fertility and other agronomic factors across your farm, the end of the growing season is a great time to evaluate how other aspects of your operation performed, including your equipment. Case IH fleet management tools can help.

Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AFS Connect farm management gives you instant, remote access to real-time data on all your powered machines — including tractors, combines, trucks and application equipment. During the season, AFS Connect helps you make informed decisions for increased efficiency and profit potential. As an end-of-season fleet management tool, AFS Connect can help you quickly monitor equipment health and track maintenance needs. University of Massachusetts Extension suggests you focus on several checkpoints, including these:1

  • Read the operators manual to get familiar with your equipment and service intervals.
  • Inspect your equipment — especially now after extended, heavy fall use.
  • Check the fluids (engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant level, etc.); change according to maintenance schedules. The same goes for air and fuel filters.
  • Look for leaks around hydraulic lines, fuel lines, radiator hoses, oil lines and cylinders.
  • Listen for any unusual sounds.
  • Check tension on belts and chains; check belts for cracks.
  • Check the tire pressure.
  • Grease equipment. Lubricate cables and chains.

Maintenance solutions

The AFS Connect dashboard gives you a clear display of machine health, from engine speed to oil temperature to fuel level and more so you can quickly identify issues or service and maintenance needs. AFS Connect can generate the reports you need to determine which equipment is due for servicing before you store it for the winter.

AFS Connect gives you one farm management system to monitor, control and manage your operation and data. It supports nearly any piece of equipment, even those outside the Case IH product line, making it ideal for mixed fleets. And AFS Connect is compatible with any device. So, whether you’re on a PC in your office or using a connected mobile phone or tablet in the shop or anywhere else, you can conveniently access the information you need.

As you work through your equipment, collaborate with your Case IH dealer to develop a maintenance strategy suited to your operation. Then shop the Case IH Partstore for the fluids, filters and everything else you need to keep your valuable equipment in peak operating condition.

This also is a good time to talk to your Case IH dealer about tapping into the knowledge base Case IH AFS and AFS Connect can bring to your operation. It’s the perfect way to wrap up the season and set up your operation for a successful 2018.


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1Herbert S., Hashemi M., Chickering-Sears C., Weis S., Miller K., Carlevale J., Campbell-Nelson K., Zenk Z. Equipment Maintenance. UMass Extension website. Published January 2008. Accessed October 24, 2017.
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