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AFS Support Center Helps This Farmer Stay In The Field

Uptime is very important to Roy Wendte, owner/operator of Wendte Farms, Ltd., in Altamont, Ill. That’s why he’s impressed with the service he’s had from the Case IH AFS Support Center.Have you used the Support Center? If so, tell us about your experience!

Roy Wendte, owner/operator of Wendte Farms, Ltd. in Altamont, Ill. has nothing but good things to say about the AFS Support Center.

We use only Case IH on our farm, and every piece of equipment is fully loaded on AFS software and displays,” says Wendte, who farms close to 6,000 acres of corn, soybeans and soft red winter wheat. “I can be an expert at some things, but I can’t be an expert at everything, and that’s why the AFS Support Center is such a benefit.”

Wendte recalls a situation earlier this year that was particularly unusual. He uses the RTK system, but when he’s 20 miles away from that signal it doesn’t work well, so he needs to switch to a WAAS signal.

“The AFS Support Center staff had to erase some memory in the 252 receiver because it was causing problems with getting the GPS signal,” he recalls. “They discussed the issue among themselves, and within about 20 minutes, they told me what I needed to do and it worked, just like that. I was sitting in the planter ready to plant, and they came through for me.”

Like many farmers, Wendte puts in 16-hour days or more when there’s work to be done. “During planting and harvesting, issues will arise, and it’s easy to call the AFS Support Center and get the problem fixed right there and then,” he says. “We’ve been farming for quite some time, and Case IH is ahead of the game in the AFS area. Now, with the AFS Support Center staff available to answer your questions 24/7/365, what more could you ask for?”

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  • notilltom12.30.2012 Reply

    As an AFS equipment user, I certainly appreciate the folks on the other end of the phone. Meeting some of them at Commodity Classic and Farm Progress Show was a treat.

    AFS equipment isn’t perfect as nothing is in life. They are important to the success of AFS from CIH.

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