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AFS Support Center Meets Customers’ Needs

We asked Kevin Knapp, one of our Case IH Combine Product Specialists, to tell us what he has been hearing from customers about their use of AFS technology and about the AFS Support Center. Here’s what he told us. Let us know how you use AFS and whether or not you’ve used the AFS Support Center – please share your comments with us!

Nearly 100 percent of the buyers of our new Case IH Axial-Flow® combines are putting their Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology to use this harvest season. AFS comes factory-installed in our new combines, and at the very least, farmers are using the AFS yield monitor to keep track of their yields.

A high percentage of customers also use the factory-installed AFS AccuGuide autoguidance system, which eliminates the need to steer in open fields. It offers unsurpassed accuracy and convenience and allows customers to maximize production. The autoguidance system simplifies our customers’ work.  It ensures full header swaths and even rounds in the field and allows them to concentrate more on watching for obstructions and changing crop conditions.  Building the system into the combine at Case IH ensures correct installation, testing and a higher level of quality. It also eliminates waiting for a local technician to install additional components.

One of the nice things about AFS is it uses just one display, which is compatible with all Case IH equipment. The Case IH AFS Pro 700 display with variety tracking offers on-the-go yield monitoring and machine/guidance control.

AFS Support Center Offers 24/7/365 Support
I’ve referred a few customers to the AFS Support Center this fall. As an example, one customer in Michigan had issues that neither the dealer nor I could solve off the top of our heads. We gave the AFS Support Center a try, and within five minutes, the Support Center staff had this customer’s issue all figured out and knew exactly how to solve it. They were able to provide immediate results and it was a great experience for this particular customer.

I worked with some of the people from the AFS Support Center this summer. They came down from Burr Ridge and spent time with customers to get some face-to-face contact. After spending some time with them, I knew they were going to be good and would be able to answer customers’ questions.

When I help customers work through issues in the field, I know they’ll have a good impression of Case IH. When customers call the 24/7/365 AFS Support Center, they have the same result.

Editor’s Note: Like all of the Case IH Product Specialists, Kevin Knapp lives and breathes Case IH and he’s there for his customers’ needs day in and day out. He says, “Whether we’re on company time or not, this is the life we live.”

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  • notilltom11.11.2012 Reply

    Regarding AFS support, I have to say I really appreciate them being there. Every time I needed help, they engaged the issue and provided followup support.

    Many thanks to Oliver, Lydia, and others.

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