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Agronomic Design Innovations Emphasized at Ag Connect

Helping you make the most of every seed’s yield potential through Agronomic Design is fundamental to our design and product development process. We will be highlighting our Agronomic Design innovations at the AG CONNECT Expo in Kansas City, Mo. from Jan. 29-31. Will you be there?

Agronomic Design is something we’ve always done – focus on agriculture and agronomic principles to help you improve your soil-seed-plant growing environment through equipment technology and our people.

While Agronomic Design is evident in all of our equipment, Case IH product experts and engineers will be located throughout the booth to discuss our newest products. A couple examples include:

  • Steiger® Rowtrac – Its four-track design evenly distributes loads across the length of each track to help minimize compaction with more flotation, turn tight without berming and pull harder with less rutting.
  • Precision Disk 500 and 500T drills – Their new row units helps cut through residue and open a uniform seed trench across varying soil and tillage conditions to deliver the seed, and close and seal the trench for improved germination and plant stand establishment.

Also, hear from industry insiders at the Case IH Be Ready Stage on topics that impact your business in 2013. Visit the Events section for a complete schedule of guest speakers and events within our booth at AG CONNECT. Hope to see you next week!

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