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Agronomic Design Insights: Minimizing Yield-Robbing Soil Compaction

The Agronomic Design Insights series is back with a focus on soil compaction. In this webisode, Tony McClelland, Case IH Crop Production Specialist, talks about the effect soil compaction can have on long-term yields, and features of the Case IH Steiger® Quadtrac® and Rowtrac™ design that can help minimize its impact.

What steps do you take to reduce soil compaction in your operation?

Soil compaction can hinder root growth and slow down the ability of roots to proliferate, making it difficult for soil to absorb rainfall and allow nutrient movement. All this can add up to costly yield losses.

According to Jodi Dejong-Hughes at the University of Minnesota Extension, loads less than 10 tons/axle will keep compaction in the top 6 to 8 inches of soil. Heavier axle loads, however, can create deep compaction as far as 3 to 4 feet, which can cause permanent yield loss.

The Steiger Quadtrac design has many features to help minimize soil impact.

The Steiger Quadtrac design has many features to help minimize soil impact.

That’s why the Case IH Quadtrac and Rowtrac designs come equipped with agronomic features to reduce soil compaction and improve soil tilth, which will maximize yields and increase profit potential:

  • Even weight distribution helps minimize ground pressure, allowing the tractor to float across the field.
  • Articulated steering (bends to steer) minimizes berming and soil disruption while turning.
  • The four-track system minimizes weight transfer even under full loads. Compared to a two-track system that distributes weight to the back when carrying a heavy load, the four tracks spread and maintain weight evenly.
  • More axles on the Quadtrac and Rowtrac design help reduce the effect of deep soil compaction.
  • Tri-point oscillation of 26 degrees enables the tractor to apply power to all four corners of the tractor, optimizing traction.

Watch the video to learn more about how agronomic design principles of the Steiger Quadtrac and Rowtrac can help reduce deep compaction and potential yield loss.

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