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AIM Command FLEX Gives You Unmatched Spray Control

Whether from the seat of your combine during harvest or from the office chair, as you analyze this year’s harvest data, you’ve likely identified areas where weeds, diseases or bugs hurt yields. The latest spray equipment and application technology from Case IH could be just what you need to gain back those bushels.

AIM Command FLEX advanced spray technology gives you the ultimate in spray control by delivering consistent, flexible and accurate application, regardless of speed and terrain. The result: more efficient use of crop protection products. Using pulse width modulation (PWM) technology, the system enhances the productivity of your Patriot® series sprayer by controlling product flow and pressure more precisely than conventional rate controllers.

AIM Command FLEX is a new, advanced and dependable technology that:

  • Adds flexibility to product application. Preset spray rates to accommodate sprayer wheel tracks, fencerows and other uneven field conditions.
  • Operates 36 separate boom sections, allowing more precise control across the boom and throughout the field.
  • Maintains consistent application rate over a wider range of speeds.
  • Controls drift on demand by allowing you to preset two spray pressures and toggle between them while spraying.
  • Compensates for turns by automatically adjusting rates across the boom.


The latest spray technology from Case IH delivers accurate application rates across the spray boom, regardless of speed and terrain.
The latest spray technology from Case IH delivers accurate application rates across the spray boom, regardless of speed and terrain.


Efficiency and precision

A nozzle valve diagnostic system helps keep the sprayer running efficiently. The system monitors each nozzle and notifies you immediately via in-cab alerts and an LED indicator light on each solenoid if a valve quits working or a wire becomes unplugged.

AIM Command FLEX operates through the sprayer’s rate controller — either the AFS Pro 700 or Case IH Viper 4+ — for one-screen monitoring and adjustment of application rate, spray pressure, boom section status and other operating parameters. The system generates as-applied maps and application reports using data exported in a shapefile format.

Optional upgrade offers even more

If you want even more precise applications, Case IH offers an optional AIM Command FLEX upgrade. The upgraded system allows on-off control of individual nozzles through the Viper 4+ controller. No additional hardware is needed. Simply purchase the upgrade, and the system will be functional immediately.

More efficient, accurate and timely applications can help manage input costs. And the better you protect your crops, the closer your crops will come to reaching their full yield potential. Talk to your Case IH dealer about what the latest sprayer and application technology can bring to your farm.


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