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Always Go With Case IH Fluids and Filters for Optimal Performance

When it comes to maintaining your equipment, what you put in has a lot to do with what you get out. Filters, fluids and other equipment consumables may seem like a small part of your farming operation, but they make a big difference when you’re out in the field.

Filters and fluids may not be as flashy as new Case IH models or Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) technology, but when it comes to increasing productivity out in the field, they’re just as important. Quality filters and fluids can mean the difference between a successful and an inefficient harvest. Filters and fluids from your Case IH dealer are the only ones you need in your shed – and the lifeblood of your equipment. Their advanced design and durable construction are rigorously tested to ensure the best protection for your equipment.

While filters extend equipment life by shielding engine parts from contaminants, fluids promote peak performance and longer service intervals. Understanding how they impact your returns is the first step to making smart decisions about which filters and fluids to buy and when to replace them.

Start with a good filter

The simplest way to ensure proper filter management is by finding quality products that require less frequent replacement. For example, when it comes to hydraulic systems, filter burst pressure is a key indicator of filter durability. Case IH filters promise reliable performance and burst pressure compared with another well-known name-brand filter, which when tested failed at less than half of the original equipment manufacturer’s specifications.

Protect and preserve with engine oil

Your engine takes a tremendous pounding day in and day out. But you can protect and preserve it with Case IH No. 1 Engine oil. Case IH No. 1 Engine oil was created to help producers meet the demands of both Tier-4 engines and CVT transmissions; it even works with legacy equipment. Less susceptible to thermal and chemical breakdown, No. 1 provides excellent oil consumption control and maximum engine wear protection, assuring longer service intervals, higher performance, a lower risk of equipment failure and better preserved machine equity.

Monitoring fluid levels

So how do you know when it’s the right time to change your fluids? The process can be tiresome and tricky. Several products from the Case IH Partstore, such as Systemgard Fluid Analysis, can help analyze dirt, wear particles, fuel dilution and coolants that build up and weaken equipment life. In addition, Systemgard Fluid Analysis saves hours of time by allowing operators to monitor all of these system conditions without disassembling the machine.

Reminders for using the Systemgard Fluid Analysis:

  • Take samples at regular intervals from the same sampling point.
  • To determine sampling intervals, consider factors like equipment importance and environmental factors like heat and dirt.
  • Factors like load weight and idle times can also affect sampling intervals.

Visit your Case IH dealer to learn more about proper filter and fluid management. With smart use of quality Case IH filters and fluids, it’s possible to see noticeable changes in efficiency that will directly impact your returns.


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