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Another Way Efficient Power is a Win/Win Proposition

If you were in Decatur for the Farm Progress Show, you probably noted the Case IH presence. We admit it – Case IH was hard to miss.  But if you weren’t able to join us we invite you to take a look at the video recap of opening day.

Follow Us on TwitterWe also hope nobody missed a chance to tweet their response to the question, “What does Efficient Power mean to me?” Here’s how it worked: Everyone was invited to describe what Efficient Power meant to them personally. There weren’t many rules- you had to include a #EfficientPower hashtag to identify your tweet, and of course you had to observe the Twitter 140-character limit. Other than that, the topic was wide open.

Here at Case IH, we know what Efficient Power means to us; it’s equipment and technology that is powerful, smart and simple. That means engines that put power — not emissions — first, using SCR technology to deliver both optimum performance and top-notch fuel economy. And it means equipment that is easy to operate and maintain because of its innovative, intuitive design. Simply put, Efficient Power is a true competitive advantage, only available in red. It turns out it means all that, and more, to our customers.

And while we expected some great entries, we didn’t anticipate the variety and creativity of the responses. The tweets we’ve seen range from the strictly practical to the practically poetic. We’ve enjoyed reading every one of them. Fortunately, we don’t have to select our favorite; the contest rules let us pick the 10 winners of a Case IH Efficient Power prize pack through a random drawing. Here are the winners, chosen at random from all qualified entries and listed in no particular order.

Efficient Power

Winners of the #EFFICIENTPOWER Twitter Challenge

Cole Denton
With the #EfficientPower of @Case_IH equipment I was able to combine later and was able to run a 14 hour day on tough duram with easeFlying through the crops this year thanks to the #EfficientPower of @Case_IH equipment #onehappyfarmer@Case_IH running the 9120 combine. Most #EfficientPower you can get. Twice the productivity twice the fuel mileage
Larry Euteneier
@Case_IH #EfficientPower means power to get through the tough spots on a wet field
Chad Goldsmith
#EfficientPower means cutting through Mother Nature’s best shot!
Troy Hadrick
@Case_IH great job using SM to spread the word abt #EfficientPower. Greatly appreciated EP ever time we fuel up!
Sam Kimbell
#EfficientPower to us means covering more acres while saving time, energy and fuel. By the way I like the new cab ergonomics! Rides good!
Benjamin Nobles
@Case_IH We are using #EfficientPower to cover our acres using less time and fuel and waste less inputs.
Jake O’Neil
I can get more done in a day with Case IH #EfficientPower gotta love the red stuffDriving a new Puma 170 CVT is so simple and #EfficientPower makes me really want to get one some day
Nathan Potucek
Tillage work made easy thanks @Case_IH #EfficientPower
Logan Seibold
@Case_IH less hours in the field with more acres done ……thats #EfficentPower@Case_IH ….Knowing my machine has the strength to do tough jobs with ease ……. that’s #EfficientPower
Josh Snyder
@Case_IH #EfficientPower to me is combinin precision guidance and application with fuel and input savings.

Thanks again to everyone who participated, and to everybody who visited us at Farm Progress this year!

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