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Application Equipment — Efficiency for Every Season

Take a look at how Case IH offers highly productive and highly efficient application solutions from start to finish for every season.

From ground-engaging pull-type models to highly productive self-propelled applicator equipment, Case IH offers a full line of application solutions that help feed, protect and nurture crops — from start to finish through every season.

It’s important to get out in the field on time, so take a look at Case IH application equipment to complete your next timely spray applications for every season.

Titan Series Floaters and Applicators

Built rugged with innovative design features that enhance productivity, these floaters and applicators meet the needs of application professionals — even in the toughest and changing terrains. The 810 Flex-Air applicator, 610 liquid system and dry spinner spreader will get you through preplant and postharvest seasons.

Trident 5550 Combination Applicators

This is the industry’s fastest-converting liquid/dry combination applicator on a high-clearance row crop chassis that gives you an application solution for every season.

Patriot® Series Sprayers

Case IH engineering and design are combined in high-efficiency Patriot sprayers for consistent, accurate application — regardless of terrain or season. This cab-forward, rear engine design optimizes weight distribution. Choose from four models (175 to 335 horsepower) for precise, quality applications.

Miller Nitro Series Sprayers

High-clearance front boom sprayers that are among the most efficient on the market today can be used for every season. The Miller Nitro sprayer has industry-leading crop clearance, 50/50 chassis weight distribution and product tank capacities up to 1,600 gallons.

Nutri-Placer® NH3 Fertilizer Applicators

These commercial-grade pull-type applicators are designed for high-efficiency precision NH3 fertilizer applications during preplant, postemergence and postharvest seasons. Available with the High-speed Low Disturbance (HSLD) single-disk coulter that cuts efficiently without plugging up and in working widths ranging from 27.5 to 65 feet.

Nutri-Placer NH3 Side-dress Fertilizer Applicators

The Nutri-Placer side-dress fertilizer applicators are designed for precise postemergence liquid applications. The heavy-duty coulter design is essential for precise nutrient placement postemergence. With working width ranges from 17.5 to 60 feet, the commercial-grade toolbar frames provide maximum life and uptime so your time in the field won’t be cut short.

Nutri-Tiller Strip-till Applicators

Designed to manage crop residue, enhance soil tilth and improve fertilizer placement for maximum nutrient efficiency, these strip-till applicators create an ideal berm height and shape. And 24-inch coulter slices handle tough residue during preplant and postharvest.

With the right applicator equipment, your fields will benefit from the advanced spray technology and precision application. Get the job done efficiently with effective results, so you can use your valuable time somewhere else.

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