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Autoguidance: Technology Suited to the Way You Farm

Guidance automation delivers the accuracy — from sub-inch to row-by-row to pass-to-pass — that meets the needs of your individual farming operation.

Diverse farming operations around the world require varying levels of automation. This technology can advance the precision farming solutions already in place on all types of farming operations — including yours. But it’s helpful to understand how these advancements can fit the way you farm.

Through extensive Customer Driven Product Design research, Case IH analyzed current and future technology needs. This process helped define five categories of automation for agricultural field applications. Let’s dig deeper into what is perhaps the most familiar of these categories: Guidance.

Leading the way

Technology, such as Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuGuide autoguidance and AFS AccuTurn, has gained broad acceptance in agriculture because it proves value every day on all types of farms. Here are just a few examples:

AFS AccuGuide autoguidance provides guidance at a level suited to your needs.

  • Applicable to tractors, combines, sprayers and windrowers
  • Ability to provide year-to-year repeatable accuracy from sub-inch levels
  • Can reduce skips and overlaps to save on inputs and increase efficiency

AFS AccuTurn takes the guesswork out of turning on headlands.

  • Provides hands-free, automatic and repeatable turns for increased productivity
  • Automatic and Turn Now settings let you customize the level of automation to the application at hand, from tillage and side dressing to planting and seeding.
  • Frees you to focus on other end-of-row functions when dealing with increasingly larger and longer implements, such as air seeders and carts

Accuracy at your level

Putting these technologies to work on your farm hinges on fast, accurate reliable connectivity. AFS RTK+ seamlessly meets those demands and provides repeatability you can count on — even in the most narrow rows.

Cellular-delivered RTK guidance correction signals alleviate problems associated with traditional radio-delivered RTK, including line-of-sight issues, such as hills, valleys, trees, buildings or other structures. This ensures a fast, dependable signal and maximum accuracy in all conditions, regardless of field location, and extends your distance of travel from a cellular base while maintaining sub-inch accuracy.

But not all farms require such precision. With Case IH AFS, you decide the level of accuracy that fits the way you farm and your operation’s goals. Whether you need a high, medium or low level of accuracy, the precision farming specialist at your Case IH dealership can help you select the best option.

Best of all, as Case IH and Case IH dealers continue building the world’s largest cellular-based guidance network, you can bring this technology to your operation faster and easier than ever. So, talk to your Case IH dealer about autoguidance and how the latest technology can boost efficiency, reduce costs and improve profit potential on your farm.


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