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Automatically Optimize With AFS Harvest Command

The new 250 series Axial-Flow combines with AFS Harvest Command proactively adjust to changing crop conditions.

A successful harvest isn’t measured by speed; it’s measured in bushels of clean, high-quality grain in the tank. To bring a new level of simplicity and efficiency to your harvest, Case IH is rolling out new combine automation technology.

New from Case IH Advanced Farming Systems (AFS), AFS Harvest Command combine automation system, available only on the new 250 series Axial-Flow® combines, helps you optimize machine performance and prioritize different harvesting outcomes for corn, soybeans, wheat and canola. Using patent-pending technology, AFS Harvest Command automation proactively adjusts the combine to changing crop conditions. With its 16 sensors throughout the machine, AFS Harvest Command automation takes over controlling seven combine settings. This advanced technology turns a driver into a skilled operator.


Fit for your harvesting needs

Regardless of the time of day, crop conditions or moisture levels, AFS Harvest Command automation adapts to work for you. Each automation mode prioritizes different harvesting outcomes selected by the operator ― from grain quality to grain savings to throughput. It’s simple. You choose the mode of operation to match your harvesting goals and set the crop type, maximum operating speed and power limits. AFS Harvest Command automation takes it from there. Find the perfect mode of operation to match your harvesting goals:


  • Performance: Maximize grain savings and grain quality while optimizing throughput; the most commonly used mode.
  • Grain Quality: Maximize grain quality while also saving grain and optimizing throughput.
  • Fixed Throughput: Operator can fix the machine throughput and the machine will adjust to save grain and maintain a quality sample.
  • Max Throughput: Operator can maximize the throughput while automation adjusts combine settings to save grain.

This advanced technology simplifies your harvest by proactively sensing and optimizing machine settings to maximize grain quality and grain savings ― regardless of operator skill level. Experienced operators can further enhance their output and grain quality, while less experienced operators can more quickly achieve productivity comparable with experienced operators.


AFS Harvest Command automation supports High-Efficiency Farming and gives you more time to optimize your harvest. Talk to your Case IH dealer about how you can harvest at peak efficiency with the new AFS Harvest Command combine automation system.



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