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Behind the Scenes: Case IH Steiger Quadtrac vs. John Deere 9RX tractors

The Right Track: Case IH asked operators to compare its Steiger Quadtrac 620 with John Deere’s new 9620RX in a recent test drive.

Case IH organized a test drive where 10 experienced track tractor operators compared the Steiger® Quadtrac® 620 and John Deere 9620RX in rugged terrain in Minnesota.

By virtually any measure, track tractors have improved large-scale crop production since their advent in the mid-1990s. The Steiger Quadtrac has proven itself from the heart of the Corn Belt to the simmering heat of Australia to the frozen plains of Antarctica. But until this summer, it has not been tested head-to-head with the John Deere 9RX.

In June 2016, Case IH invited 10 experienced track operators from around North America to western Minnesota. There, they compared the venerable Steiger Quadtrac 620 with John Deere’s new 9620RX model — both machines rated at 620 engine horsepower.

“The only way you can objectively compare the two machines is to have neutral operators test in a real environment,” said Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger tractor marketing manager. “We structured the event so other North American track drivers could glean something from it based on what they personally value.”

How it worked:

  • Operators first walked around both tractors, meticulously evaluating different features and specifications. From measuring visibility from each cab with a tape measure to inspecting differences in hood and track designs, they examined each machine from top to bottom.
  • Operators jumped in the cab and made at least three passes around the field, increasing in speed from 5 mph to 6 mph and then 7 mph.
  • Operators then switched machines and followed the procedures above, pulling the same implement to establish a baseline. While driving, operators recorded fuel usage, slippage and power from the in-cab monitor(s).
  • Following the test drive, operators assigned numerical ratings to both tractors for ride quality, ease of control, visibility, in-cab noise, ease of cab entry and serviceability. They were also asked to share feedback about their experience and impressions of each piece of equipment on camera.

The test drive was held in a field that was part of the Conservative Reserve Program (CRP). Ground conditions were extreme — it’d been a decade since the field had been tilled or planted into and large rocks were scattered throughout.

In the end, all 10 producers favored the Steiger Quadtrac. Don’t believe us? Take advice from Jon Bunkers, a track tractor operator from Chester, South Dakota, and try the Steiger Quadtrac for yourself.

“I would tell them to try it for themselves. You can hear people talk, but it doesn’t mean anything until you do it yourself,” said Bunkers.


Watch this video for an overview of the event. Stay tuned for more blog posts about the event. We’ll share more about the producers involved and break down the tractors feature-by-feature in upcoming posts.

Participants were not compensated for their testimonials. Case IH covered travel and accommodations for some participants. ©2016 CNH Industrial America LLC. All rights reserved.  Case IH is a trademark registered in the United States and many other countries, owned by or licensed to CNH Industrial N.V., its subsidiaries or affiliates. Any trademark referred to herein, in association with any other goods and/or services of companies other than CNH Industrial America LLC, are the property of those respective companies.


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  • Niels Vanderboom8.16.2016 Reply

    What I would like to know is: How many of these 10 test candidates were Quadtrac drivers/owners already? What are their front line machines?

    • Case IH8.16.2016


      We will be publishing their full profiles and individual scores this week! Stay tuned.

  • Niels Vanderboom8.16.2016 Reply

    Thank you very much for the quick reply! Looking forward to that.

  • Ken Jones8.16.2016 Reply

    Who paid for the trip ??

    • Case IH8.16.2016

      As we post on the video and our landing page at (, ​participants were not compensated for their testimonials. Case IH covered travel and accommodations for some participants.

  • Andrew Maershbecker8.16.2016 Reply

    Why when evaluating the hitch visibility did you have a 3pt on the Deere but not the Case? Also how was each machine optioned? 30 or 36 in tracks? Cab suspension or not? What about comparing DEF usage? Ease of track maintenance?

    • Case IH8.17.2016


      The only 96209RX available to us had a 3-point hitch. This is going to change rear visibility somewhat, but if you look out the rear view of a 9620RX with a traditional hitch, you will see for yourself that hitch visibility is still quite restricted compared to a Case IH Quadtrac tractor. Otherwise, the machines were optioned similarly, with comparable tracks.

      DEF use was discussed with all participants during the fuel discussion and all observations were made and recorded by the producers. When they ranked “Serviceability,” track maintenance was considered. Most of the producers highlighted the self-tensioning tracks of the Quadtrac tractor. You’ll be able to read much more detail when our producer profiles are published later this week at Thanks for the interest!

    • Case IH8.18.2016

      The profiles are live now:

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