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Blog Share: Five Ethanol Myths, Busted

Corn field

If you’ve been following the Case IH BE READY blog, you’ve seen that we occasionally share thought-provoking blogs or news articles related to the opportunities and challenges facing agriculture today and in the future.

Ethanol continues to be a major topic of discussion both inside and outside agriculture circles, as evidenced by this article on In “Five Ethanol Myths, Busted”, author Forrest Jehlik, a mechanical engineer in the U.S. Department of Energy’s Argonne National Laboratory Transportation Technology Research & Development Center, discusses five prevailing myths related to ethanol production, its effect on the world’s food supply and the environment and gas mileage.

Regardless of your position on ethanol production in the U.S., the purpose of this blog share is to make you aware of the latest issues and discussions taking place.

Read “Five Ethanol Myths, Busted”

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  • Kingson Vickers, PE MBA7.30.2011 Reply

    The following video provides some discussion on the efforts worldwide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions utilizing biofuels. Opinions from the Directorate-General of Energy and Transport of the EU and various engineers, including a Formula 1 engineer are also provided. The challenges for materials for use in biofuels are explored. The video is available here: or it can be viewed here:

  • ReadandWrite1.19.2012 Reply

    The engines and technology have existed for quite some time to fully utilize the properties of ethanol, white whiskey. You can find out much more regarding this if you look up Ricardo Engineering. We can run our machines on alcohol if we want to whether its a diesel or spark ignition. Perhaps instead of purchasing all of our supplies, when will we begin to simply make our own fuel grown and readily available on our land? Now my nieces, nephews and kids can learn the art of making moonshine, white whiskey and also learning that using an oil press with any oil seed extracts what’s needed “oil” to burn in the tractor or combine or my pickup.

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