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Brighten the Growing Season With LED Lights

Upgrade your equipment with LED lights to improve the view from your tractor, windrower, sprayer or combine this growing season.

If you want to see the growing season in a different light, make the switch to LED lights on all of your equipment. The move can save you time, expense, hassle and even a little personal wear and tear.

LED lights produce a crisp, bright white light that’s the closest to real daylight of any artificial light source. What’s more, their beam patterns cover more area than traditional lights. Bottom line: The better and easier you see your work, the less eyestrain and fatigue you’ll experience. That can make those long days during planting season seem a little bit shorter.

Superior visibility isn’t the only bright spot. One LED light can outlive more than 20 high-intensity discharge (HID) lights, saving time, money and hassle. Seeing better is more than a luxury. Here are some benefits of switching to LED lights:

  • The solid-state construction of LED lights eliminates fragile bulbs, filaments or electrodes, making LED lights as durable as the conditions are rugged.
  • LED lights far outlast other types of lighting, saving you time and money over the life of your machine.
  • LED lights use fewer amps than alternative light types, making them ideal for older equipment.

It’s important to understand that not all LED lights measure up. Consider raw versus effective lumens. Lumens are a good indication of the power of LED lights. Some manufacturers tout their raw lumen specifications. But raw lumens don’t accurately reflect true light output. LED lights from Case IH specify effective lumens, a more accurate representation of LED power.

If you decide to upgrade your night vision, learn more by watching this video, or talk with your Case IH dealer. Best of all, making the switch is easy. LED lights from Case IH feature easy, bolt-on installation. Simply attach them, wire them up and


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  • isaac3.4.2015 Reply

    I have a case ih puma 195 and I have normal lights on it.. I want to change them to led do I have to change the fixture or can I just put led bulbs in them…

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