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Busy Summer for Case IH Marketing Events Intern

Today’s guest blogger is Aleksandr Jogerst, marketing events intern – and one of a dozen Case IH interns working in Racine this summer. We’ve asked all interns interested in sharing a little about their experiences this summer to write up a post for the Be Ready blog. Aleksandr responded first. He’s majoring in sales and business marketing at Western Michigan University

I found out about the opportunity to intern at Case IH via a career fair on campus. After three phone interviews, I accepted the position as the marketing events intern. My job as described to me would involve scheduling and running training, educational and entertainment events for customers, dealers and media, including showcasing Case IH at state and county fairs.

Case IH hosts a lot of events during the summer, and many are held at the Case IH headquarters in Racine, which is where I’m based. To date, I’ve arranged tours, events and outings for more than 350 people, with many more still on the calendar before the end of my summer.

The most positive part of my experience thus far has been the autonomy given to me to perform my work. The first week I was introduced to the people in the company to use as references for different questions I might have, but after that I have been given projects on a daily basis and am expected to plan and execute on my own. The company has either given me the resources directly, or permitted me to get the resources with very little difficulty.

I also cannot speak highly enough of the people I have been working with, both interns and full-time employees. The interns are top-notch young individuals who have unmatched work ethic and intelligence that make completing projects fun and efficient. The Case IH employees have been simply amazing. Not only do they make it clear that we are a part of the company (inclusion in meetings and brainstorming sessions) but they know that we are away from home and genuinely reach out to make us comfortable in a new environment.

I was initially skeptical of all the promises regarding my workload this summer. But I can honestly say that Case IH has easily delivered on all the wonderful things they promised eight months ago. I would highly recommend to college students, no matter their progress toward their degree, background in agriculture, or major, to seriously look into a summer internship with Case IH. After numerous other internships over my college career, I can bear witness that Case IH brings the most unique and fulfilling experience I have had to date in a job.

Interested in a 2013 internship, or know someone who would make a good Case IH intern? Tell them about www.campusconnect.cnh.com!

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