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Case IH Be Ready VIP Discussion: The world of farming is changing – Will You Be Ready?

Check out Case IH’s behind-the-scenes interview with Tom Buis of Growth Energy

In his comments during the Case IH Be Ready VIP Discussion at Ag Connect Expo, Tom Buis, CEO of Growth Energy, contributed his insights on a range of topics influencing farmers’ decision-making, including public policy, global market influences, and the future of ethanol. Buis made note of ethanol’s importance as an economic driver for farms and rural America: “The development of ethanol has been the greatest single economic development for rural America in my lifetime. It created new demand – domestic demand. It allowed farmers to collect together …to add value to an otherwise surplus commodity.”

Buis also joined General Wesley Clark on stage during the Be Ready Discussion on Alternative Energy to talk about the U.S. agricultural industry’s role in providing alternative energy sources with ethanol.

Case IH hosted Buis as part of its Be Ready Discussion Series at Ag Connect Expo.  The educational discussions brought together leading experts from both inside and outside the agriculture industry with a variety of unique perspectives on key issues likely to impact producers’ businesses.

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