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Case IH Be Ready VIP Discussion: Tier 4 Emissions Standards – Will You Be Ready?

Check out Case IH’s behind-the-scenes interview with Dawn Geske of Diesel Progress International

As a panelist for the Case IH Be Ready VIP Discussion: Engine Emissions Technology – Fact vs. Fiction, Dawn Geske, Editor-In-Chief of Diesel Progress International, explained that Diesel Progress has been following the emissions mandates and the development of new emission technologies since the beginning. “Engine manufacturers really put a significant amount of investment and research and development into meeting these requirements,” said Geske. “They’ve been working on this for many years to make sure they’re giving producers the best technology that meets Tier 4A mandates.”

She said that the change between Tier 3 and Tier 4A requirements is more visible now because producers need to incorporate an extra step to meet emissions standards – whether it’s adding Diesel Exhaust Fluid in conjunction with every second fuel fill in a Selective Catalytic Reduction system or extra maintenance and filter changes associated with Exhaust Gas Recirculation system.

Geske also speculated that in the future, engine manufacturers will research CO2 reduction, as well as minimizing noise and vibrations that affect tractor operators.

Case IH hosted Geske as part of its Be Ready Discussion Series at Ag Connect Expo. The educational discussions brought together leading experts from both inside and outside the agriculture industry with a variety of unique perspectives on key issues likely to impact producers’ businesses.

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