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Case IH Be Ready VIP Discussion: Weed Resistance – Will You Be Ready?

As if a late start to planting your crops wasn’t enough of a challenge for you, the delay also gives weeds ample opportunity to take root and choke out planted seedlings, making weed management an even more crucial task this summer.

Brian Hefty, a farmer and co-host of RFD-TV’s AgPhD, provided insights on weed resistance, weed tolerance, and weed management practices during his presentation, “Weed Resistance – Will You Be Ready?” as part of Case IH’s Be Ready Discussion at the 2011 Ag Connect Expo. “The key to weed control is understanding their tolerances,” advised Hefty. “Just like humans, no two weeds are exactly alike.”

He explained that herbicide-tolerant weeds can be managed successfully by closely evaluating all factors that go into weed control. Such factors include choosing the appropriate chemical package, and spraying applications, tank mixing, and application timing, soil conditions, and air conditions.

Case IH hosted Hefty as part of its Be Ready Discussion Series at Ag Connect Expo. The educational discussions brought together leading experts from both inside and outside the agriculture industry with a variety of unique perspectives on key issues likely to impact producers’ businesses.

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