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Case IH Customers, Cutters & Employees Help Farmer in Need

Three well-seasoned engineers and ag equipment technicians travel around the U.S. with a Case IH Axial-Flow Combine offering a unique service. Both current and new customers have the opportunity to get in the combine cab and get some real “stick-time” harvesting. They get to “see for themselves” the benefits of running an axial-flow, ranging from comfort to grain quality. Starting from early May until the end of Harvest, these three guys are the pros on these machines, offering technical advice and operational support too. These experts are the Case IH Pro Demo Team, and this year, they were making time for more than just demos. 

The Case IH ProHarvest teams are very busy throughout the summer and fall, but they are never too busy to help someone in need.

Kirk Howell, a husband, father and farmer, was detained in the hospital for cancer treatment in one of the most crucial times of the year: harvest season.

Howell needed to harvest 2,000 acres of wheat in the Wellington, Kan., area.

The Case IH manufacturing plant in Wichita, Kan., alerted the Case IH Demo Team, Eli Peterson and Dewey Davis, who were in the area offering demonstrations to customers on the Case IH Axial-Flow 8230.

The Case IH Demo Team teamed up with local third-generation farmer Matt Moreland and his three sons to help Howell bring in his harvest.

“It just shows the understanding of the farming community,” says Dan Renaud, a Case IH Combine Specialist. “There is always time to do the right thing.”

The Demo Team collaborated with Straub Implement’s store manager, Alan Dold. The Morelands used their two Axial-Flow 8120s to harvest more than 100 acres for Howell.

“Wheat is a crop that is very dependent on harvest time. There is only a small window of opportunity,” says Renaud. “You can lose it as quickly as you can blink at it.”

Case IH customers, dealers and employees were joined by combines of all colors to help with the “Charity Cut” in an already challenging harvest year.

“It was tough conditions and tough straw this year,” says Renaud. “The threshing was hard and very challenging.”

The guys were really impressed with the power of the machines though, commenting that the Axial-Flows got the job done.

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  • Robert McLeod8.11.2013 Reply

    This is what America is suppose to be about. God bless you all.

  • Mark Slicker8.12.2013 Reply

    It should always be teamwork ! It should never be all about I , it’s about we!!! Great job

  • Larry Bowen8.13.2013 Reply

    Like to know more

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