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Case IH Customers Speak Out About Harvesting Support

Fields of gold really do exist. They are the wheat fields that cover 10 states, spanning 2,000 miles from Texas to Montana, waiting to be harvested by custom cutters.

Traveling alongside Case IH Axial-Flow® combine customers as they tackle their fields is Case IH ProHarvest support. These teams are made up of well-seasoned experts, equipped with service trucks and Case IH parts to respond to unique customer needs.

“They’re what keep us going all the time, “said custom harvester Shawn Johnson.

The ProHarvest support program is primarily a parts service, said Combine Specialist Dan Renaud. Dealers can’t always inventory the number of unique, uncommon parts that are sometimes needed, such as ones to fix a combine engine.

“ProHarvest keeps their trailers stocked up for the parts we need,” said Johnson.

Case IH ProHarvest support teams help custom harvesters with unique parts needs.

Case IH ProHarvest support teams help custom harvesters with unique parts needs.

The ProHarvest support teams allow operators to get in and out of the field faster. It’s a comfort to operators that they are only a phone call away.

“They ensure a lot more uptime,” said custom harvester Rick Farris. “ProHarvest guys keep in touch so we always know where they are.”
“Those guys put in a lot of hours and a lot of miles,” said Johnson. “They drove the trailer up to South Dakota and we only had to wait one day. Without them, we would be waiting four or more days for parts. We were up and running in the field in no time.”

“That’s the thing about Case IH employees; they actually worry about us,” said custom harvester Rob Holland. “They’re so accommodating, with no arrogance, and they’re willing to do anything for us. Once a guy needed an odd part, and they had someone pull it off the assembly line from Grand Island and bring it down to him.”

Although the primary function of ProHarvest support is to supply parts quickly, the teams play a role in service as well, said Renaud.

“They can support dealers with operational instruction, technical advice and in some cases, hands-on wrenching,” said Renaud.

“We rely on them for the technical advice if we don’t know how to fix it,” said Farris. “And if they don’t know, they always have someone they can call who can.”
Operators question their abilities to even complete harvest without the support that ProHarvest offers.

“Support is a minor word for it. They are better than that,” said Holland. “ProHarvest is a lifeline in this whole deal. We’d be lost without them.”

Case IH ProHarvest started 24 years ago and was the first service of its kind. It came just three years after the U.S. Custom Harvesters organization was created.

Case IH is the only brand that offers in-field harvest support to this scale, said Renaud. Case IH leads in manpower, support and the number of available parts. The teams start the first of May with harvest and will continue until it’s finished.

“I don’t think we could do it on the scale we do without their support,” said Farris. “It’s kind of like having a big army. You don’t always need them, but it’s nice to know they’re here.”

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