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Case IH Introduces Steiger® Rowtrac™ At Farm Progress Show

The unparalleled, proven technology of the Case IH Steiger© Quadtrac™ is now available in the new 2013 Steiger© Rowtrac™, proving again that four tracks are superior to two in row-crop applications. “Customers told us they wanted a Steiger Quadtrac with more flexibility for more jobs, while maintaining the power, performance and innovation they’ve come to expect,” says Mitch Kaiser, Case IH Steiger Marketing Manager. “The Case IH four-track, positive-drive system is the only factory-integrated drive system of its kind in the world. It puts more power to the ground, improves traction and simplifies transport, allowing users to cover more ground in less time, even when field conditions are less than optimum.”

You can find everything you need to know about the Steiger Rowtrac at the Case IH website, but in a nutshell, this tractor has:

  • One of the highest horsepower for a tracked row-crop tractor in the market, with the capacity to pull larger implements
  • The advantages of Quadtrac technology for both primary and secondary tillage and field applications, including planting, side-dressing, fertilizing, specialty applications and more
  • Easy adaptability to North American row-crop farming applications, with a narrow track and adjustable row spacing
  • 20-inch, 22-inch, 30-inch and 40-inch row-crop spacing options to suit many types of operations
  • Availability in three models – 350, 400 and 450 – giving operators more adaptability and versatility for different cropping systems
  • Factory-installed Advanced Farming Systems (AFS) AccuGuide auto-guidance to increase efficiency and accuracy in terms of field applications. “Factory-installed AFS AccuGuide is available for fully automated guidance in both forward and reverse,” Kaiser explains. “This is the first integrated system to allow operators to automatically align with the next guidance line while backing up.”
  • A narrow transport width for faster travel to the next field location, which shortens travel time and increases efficiency
  • A best-in-class engine to deliver power and responsiveness, even in the most demanding applications – Tier 4 Case IH FPT high-horsepower engines burn an average of 10 percent less fuel than comparable Tier 3 models, and oil-change intervals have been lengthened to 600 hours
  • The industry’s heaviest frame (welded using 1/2-inch-thick steel) to handle heavy equipment
  • Superior hydraulics with a 113-gallon-per-minute flow to easily handle the largest planters and seeders

More Power to the Ground and Unmatched Comfort
Four tracks transfer more power to the ground than two. With equal-sized, independent, oscillating drives on all four corners, you can get in your fields sooner with the Steiger Rowtrac, especially in adverse field conditions. The wheelbase has been extended from 154 to 160 inches, so each track has more ground contact, resulting in better transfer of power to the ground. In addition, the unique design delivers less ground pressure, better traction and the most comfortable ride in the industry.

Speaking of comfort, the Steiger Surveyor© cab is the largest, most comfortable cab in the industry on a row-crop chassis. The fully suspended cab gives a ride similar to what you’d experience in your car on the highway. It’s also the quietest, so you can talk on your phone or multitask as needed to run your businesses. The industry-leading 40-degree right-hand seat minimizes neck strain and fatigue, while the MultiControl Armrest keeps nearly all of the operation controls within easy reach.

The Steiger Rowtrac gives operators powerful, smart, simple technology to get more done with fewer inputs, while still providing the Efficient Power needed for maximum performance.

To learn more about the Steiger Rowtrac, visit Case IH or visit your local dealership. The Steiger Rowtrac is one more example of how Case IH is helping its customers Be Ready to embrace the challenges and capitalize on the opportunities in agriculture – today and in the future.

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  • Robert McGrath11.26.2012 Reply

    Looks great! When will they get to the dealerships?

  • Richard Clark12.6.2012 Reply

    Far and above the best.keep up the great work gentlemen.

  • Will1.24.2013 Reply

    Will there be any Row Trac tractors available on the East Coast for demonstration? When will the tractors be available at dealers?

    • Case IH1.25.2013

      The Steiger Rowtrac tractors will be available for demonstration in the spring of 2013. Please be sure to see your local Case IH dealer for further detail and to schedule a demonstration.

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