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Case IH Introduces True-Tandem 345 Seed Bed Disk Harrow

The new True-Tandem 345 seed bed disk harrow offers growers new features to create a consistent, level seed bed ready for planting, and get more done in challenging conditions.

The new True-Tandem™ 345 seed bed disk harrow is a great addition to the field-proven Case IH tillage legacy. With key advances that help improve field finish, durability and machine productivity, the equipment provides growers with optimum results.

“The True-Tandem 345 makes short work of Bt corn and other residue and leaves a level soil finish out the back in spring or fall,” says Tim Nix, Case IH Tillage Marketing Manager. “We love to put our disk harrows in the field next to any other brand and watch the growers react.”

Tell us how the True-Tandem 345 could help improve your operation.

Growers have several customization options. The optional rolling reel basket with active hydraulic down pressure uses the same patented, double-edge bent bar found on the Ecolo-Tiger® 875 and helps to size any remaining large clods and further condition the soil ahead of the planter. Producers also can choose:

  • A three-bar coil tine harrow for excellent leveling and residue flow, adjustable tine angle and down pressure
  • A  rear hitch for pulling a Case IH Crumbler seed bed conditioner

Unlike competitive offset disk harrows, the True-Tandem 345’s symmetrical design offers a long life of straight, easy pulling in the roughest field conditions.

Earth Metal® blades are formulated using a special steel alloy as well as a proprietary process, and have proven to be stronger and more durable than other blades. The 22-inch Earth Metal blades have flat, crimped centers for added strength and long life, and a tighter fit with the spools.

In addition, an improved scraper design on the 345 increases durability and minimizes plugging. Case IH also increased the use of greaseless bearings on hinges, rockshafts and baskets, which will significantly decrease routine maintenance on the 345.

Nix says farmers also will appreciate the walking tandem design of the True-Tandem 345 mainframe and wing wheels. “They move independently and stay on the ground better, while providing a smoother ride at faster speeds,” he continues. “So the disks are staying at the proper level and not bouncing in and out of the soil.”

New stubble-resistant tires help prevent flats from tough residue. New class 3 powder coat paint adds years of life to the finish. In addition, every True-Tandem 345 seed bed disk harrow will come equipped with LED lighting, for better nighttime visibility and longer light life.

The 345 replaces the Case IH True-Tandem 340 and will be available in working widths from 22 to 34 feet, in three-foot increments. Orders are being accepted now for delivery in early 2015. Contact your local Case IH dealer for details.

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  • Ken Beck6.28.2014 Reply

    How would this work in the fall , ahead of my 870 ? Followed in the spring to level before planting?

    • Case IH6.30.2014

      Definitely is a good tool to run in the Spring ahead of planting to level. For the Fall, if you are running in corn stalks and want to turn the soil even blacker than the 870 will do, that would be the application.

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