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Case IH Offers Remanufactured Fuel Injection Components

Remanufactured parts from Case IH offer another cost-effective option for equipment parts – including fuel injectors and pumps. Each fuel injection assembly is broken down to its core, each component is thoroughly cleaned and the part is tested against the latest OEM specifications. This ultimately delivers a replacement part that is just like new at a reduced price and with a competitive warranty.

This process relies on state-of-the-art equipment and an in-house team of Bosch- and Delphi-certified technicians to ensure that the high-tech fuel pumps used in all of Case IH’s remanufactured engines and fuel injection components meet or exceed precise OEM performance requirements.

The diesel technicians use the latest EPS 815 universal component test bench units – Bosch’s Hartridge AVM2-PC and IFT-70 models – to test the latest generation of high-pressure common rail injectors and pumps, which now are being built to tolerances in microns.

A class-six clean room supports these standard measurements in single microns (a human hair, by comparison, is 70 microns), thanks to filter modules that replace air inside the clean room every two minutes, or 30 times per hour.

All Case IH remanufactured fuel injection components come with an industry-leading warranty of 12 months. In addition, Case IH supports remanufactured fuel injection components for most OEMs: Bosch, Delphi, AMBAC® and more.

To learn more about the Case IH fuel injector remanufacturing process, check out this video.

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